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because they can walk miles without water

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The Egyptians didn't use camels they feared them and the camel lived in the desert & the egyptians feared the desert aswell

why were the baboons so importent to the accint Egyptians

hieroglyphics was so important because Egyptians wrote with them.

No the Egyptians used other animals like dogs and cats

Religion was so important to the ancient Egyptians because it was the way people explained the workings of nature.

Gods were important to Ancient Egyptians for the same reason God is important to people today

no. they rode on camels. ancient egyptians didnt have black n white cows.

Egyptians use camels as their transportation.

The sun was very important to the Egyptians because after the yearly flood in July the Egyptians would grow crops and to grow crops you need sunlight. So that they would not starve to death.

The yearling flooding was important to the ancient Egyptians because it helped them know when to plant their crops.

Thank king tut which made everyone interested in Egyptians! :D

they used wagons chariots camels horses carts and their feet

Camels by land, and boats on the Nile

they where the main support for trasportaion (and made good pet).

so you can get water to water your food

help me i don't know the answer

The sphinx is important because it was of great value to the Pharaohs and Egyptians.

there was an important trading route and market for the Egyptians and Hebrews.

Because it sounded pretty so the acient egyptians started to think it was important to them so they had a icecream party and ate pizza and then they died

Camels are NOT threatened. They are not even close. So, the answer is NO. Camels ARE NOTthreatened.

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