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Q: Why were colonists upset by the parliaments effort to taxes them and how did they challenge these taxes?
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Why were colonists upset by Parliament's effort to tax them and how did they challenge these taxes?


Why did many colonists object to paying taxes imposed by parliaments?

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Parliaments which taxed printed materials in the colonies outraged the colonists who believed that only their own representatives should levy taxes.?

Stamp Act

The first of the Parliaments taxes was the?


Who paid taxes Colonists or Tories?

Colonists paid a disproportionate share of taxes.

Why did colonists protest the taxes passed by parliament?

Colonists protested taxes passed by parliament because colonists had NO representatives in parliament

Why was the most effective form of protest used by the colonist to challenge the taxes and why was this method so successful?

By boycotting the taxed products, Colonists deprived the Crown of the intended revenue.

Why did the British parliament impose taxes on the colonists after why did the British parliament impose taxes on the colonists after 1763?

The taxes were to help pay for the French and Indian war. They reasoned that they were protecting the colonists and the colonists were English subjects so they should help pay for the war.

What did some colonists do to avoid taxes?

The colonists resorted to smuggling goods and other materials instead of paying the taxes.

How did colonist respond to british taxes?

The colonists did not respond well to British taxes. These colonists were outraged that they were being taxed the way that they were.

Why did the colonists believe that they did not have to pay British taxes?

They believed thy didn't have to pay British taxes because they were the colonists after all

Why did the colonists oppose English taxes?

American colonists objected to British taxes because the colonists had no vote on the taxes and no representation in the British parliament. The colonists' catchphrase for protests was "taxation without representation", because they were being taxed without representation in the parliament and that's why they were mad.