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Medieval Castles were built for many purposes, but by far the most common purpose was that of defense. A Castle was a difficult structure to get past, even after the introduction of primitive gunpowder weapons and complex siege weapons. They also preserved the king's and nobles' power over the land.


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Medieval castles were built out of stone, mortar, and wood.

Medieval castles were built in 1067.(in the time of the Normans)

There is nothing different between todays castles and medieval time castles. Today's castles were built in medieval times.

Medieval castles were built the way they were because that was an effective means of defencing the community from invaders.

Toilets have been added to medieval castles that have survived to the modern day and are occupied. There were no toilets in medieval castles when they were originally built.

Medieval castles were built for protection and not for comfort. The first castles were built using wood but, were found to burn easily. Stone was then used in replacement of wood.

to protect there people

Castles were built for defense. The castles were also the king or noble's home.

the castles was mostly made in medieval England

Medieval castles were built for protection and safety. Castles were the homes for nobles as well as being both an offensive weapon and defense measure.

during late medieval times :p

Medieval castles were built on high mountains as a form of defense. Up high on the mountain it is much easier to see any approaching enemies.

Meiveal castles were built for protection in wars to protect the people of the town e.g. Caernarfon Castle built in 1218. However castles built now have much less meaning and thought and are built purely for decerational matters

Castles were built primarily for defense.

yes, stone keep castles were built in the medival times/ middle ages

Most of the castle in Europe were built in medieval times. They were built to protect the area from invaders and other kingdoms.

it was made just after the battle of hastings the Norman castles

in the medieval years castles were built using stone.

Peasants were not responsible for building castles in Medieval times. Masons and other trained professionals were in charge of making sure castles were built properly.

The first stone castles or fortifications, were built in Medieval England while William the Conqueror ruled. They were not built by Africans but by English peasants.

Medieval castles were needed for safety because they protected people from invaders and other dangers. Castles were also built to defend from danger. They were equipped with high walls, murder holes, cover for soldiers, and more.

Castles were once made of wood but that burnt down easily, so over the years it was built by stone

in the late medieval period many medieval castles did have a primitive type of cannon.

The welsh medieval castles were big and gray.

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