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For protection against thieves.

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Why were these tombs needed?

to buried mummies

Do mummies have funerals?

Yes by being buried in tombs.

Where were mummies buierd?

Mummies were buried in Tombs (tooms) with were kept in Pyramids. Hope I helped x

Why egyptians buried mummies in tombs?

The purpose of mummification was to keep the bodies perfect for the next phase of existence, after death. The tombs were to protect the mummies from vandals and looting.

What happen royal mummies?

The tombs of the original royal mummies were subjected to robberies. In order to stop this, many were removed from their original tombs and buried in a secret place. They are now in an Egyptian Museum in Cairo after being discovered.

Why were the tombs needed?

the tombs were used for mummies.

What are facts on mummies?

mummies are in there tombs for over thousans of years

Are there still mummies?

Most large museums aroung the world have mummies taken from Egyptian tombs many years ago. Archeologists occasionally find new tombs containing mummies, but now the mummies are usually examined then put back in their tombs.

Why mummies get buried with their belongings?

the pharohs believed that they could take their belongings with them to the afterlife so they were buried with lots of treasureand often servants and even their wives, who were walled up in tombs

Why were tombs needed?

to store mummies. and so the mummies can go to the after life

Where were the mummies?

In their tombs usually underground.

Where were the pharos buried after the pyramids stopped being built?

Because they stopped building pyramids mummies were placed in hidden tombs in the Valley of Kings.

Who did they build the pyramids for?

a dead pharohThey were built for the Pharaohs as their tombs. They served as huge monuments and to prevent grave robbers from getting the mummies and the treasures that were buried with them.

What was burnd alongwith the mummies?

Mummies werent buried

Which side of the nile were Egyptian mummies buried?

The Egyptian mummies were buried on the west of the Nile River. :)

Why are mummies buried in ancient Egypt?

Mummies are buried because ancient egyptians thought there was a life after death. So they buried mummies. They thought that If they burnt they cannot live the after life.

What is a good sentence with the word mummies in it?

In ancient Egypt the kings mummies were put in special tombs.

What was the mummies buried with?

Mummies were usually buried with their prized cats servants and/or their family members and of course their treasure.

What did the Egyptian put in the tombs with mummies?

because...they were related...

Why were statues of Anubis in tombs?

Because in the tombs are mummies, and Anubis is the god of mummification! Hope this helps! :)

The egyptian dead were buried in?

They were buried in tombs

What treasers were stolen from tombs?

There were many treasures found and stolen from tombs. A few things that were stolen were mummies, gold, bracelets, cat mummies, ancient writing, and statues.

What mummies were buried in the pyramids?

No mummies were ever found in any pyramid.

Were the Celts buried?

The Celts were buried in Megalithic tombs.

What was buried in sphinxes?

They are not tombs.

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