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Q: Why were people so mad back then about taxes?
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How do people working for the IRS know if one has back taxes owed?

People that work for the IRS have a wide variety of financial and tax information available to them, so it's easy for them to know if a person has back taxes owed.

Why were people protesting againt King Louis XVI?

France was in a ridiculous financial situation. He tried to raise taxes by a ton on everybody, so everybody got mad at him.

How can the leprechaun get mad at me?

Leprechauns are fictional so they can't get mad at people.

Why did the tea of Boston got dumped?

because they were mad about the british raising the taxes. so they dumped the tea

What event lead the Boston massacre?

raises of taxes and so the colonists got mad and got into the Boston Massacre.

Why was Katniss so mad over Peeta Mellark not whistling back in The Hunger Games?

Katniss was so mad at Peeta for not whistling back because she told him to whistle back so that they know there both okay and since Peeta didnt whistle back she thought he was in trouble.

Who was in the revolionary war?

it happened because the british and the colonists were mad at each other and the british wanted to give the colonists taxes but bad taxes so they had to pay for sugar tea and so that's what the revalountary war was for

Can you choose for taxes not be taken out of your bonus check?

Not normally, taxes are taken at the point of payment so that people can not avoid paying them. If you are taxed too much you claim it back at the end of the tax year.

How did president Ronald reagans supply side economics work?

Taxes are reduced, so people have increased income to spend.

Why people stoned Mad Agnes to death?

The people thought Mad Agnes was a witch and that they caused the black death so they stoned her to death.

Why is everyone so mad?

Because they are. they're all very mad. yep that's right be careful wear a bulletproof vest. people are mad.

Is anyone mad enough to eat tarmac?

They, can sometimes people are so mad. They don't realize what they're doing