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Orbiting Earth satellites have several uses. One is the simple exploration of the conditions of space and how Earth activities would be different there. The lack of gravity provides for unique studies of biological and chemical reactions. Another is the lack of atmospheric interference, which improves astronomical observation and measurement of other space phenomena. The vantage point of an orbiting satellite likewise offers an excellent observation of the Earth, with a wide variety of cameras, radar, and other instruments. This allows monitoring of geologic and weather activity. Suitable locations in near-Earth space provide communications relay locations for radio, television, phone, and data transmissions.

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Q: Why were satellites invented?
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Why was the Natural satellite invented?

Natural satellites were not invented they are a natural phenomena. That is why they are called natural.

When and why was the computer was invented?

The computer was invented in the early 50s. This was mainly invented for purposes of facilitating military communications through the satellites.

Who invented the first spy satellites?

the Russians created sputnik 1

How was the GPS invented?

It was invented in the 1960's by the military. Originally there were five satellites orbiting the earth that allowed ships to fix their position on the seas once every hour. Today's GPS network has around 30 active satellites.

Can satellites detect stealth planes?

Yes satellites have the ability to detect stealth planes. Stealth technology was likely invented in Germany during World War II.

Who is the inventor of satellites?

Johnson Markis is the inventer of satellites he made/found them in 1950 he want ed to know what the earth and around it looked like so he invented it. Johnson Markis

What was invented when when George Washington was president?

Electricity, the telephone, satellites, television, the Wii, and the 4G network.

How have satellites changed over time?

More technology has been invented and improved. With the satellites today, they are very high-tech. From the Sputnik to the spy and communication satellites you can see the difference. Basically, the technology has improved and more high-tech equipment also.

What year were satellites invented?

The first artificial satellite was Sputnik 1 in 1957. The theoretical basis for satellites was developed by Isaac Newton and described in his book A System of the World published in 1687.

Who invented satellites and when?

NASA was the first corporation to invent the weather satellite. The people who invented it are not listed but it was invented in 1960 and the first satellite was named TIROS 1 and was launched at Cape Canaveral in Florida

What are the types of artificial satellites?

There are nine types of artificial satellites. Here is the list: Astronomical satellites, Biosatellites satellites, Communication satellites, Miniaturized Satellites, Navigational satellites, Reconnaissance satellites, Earth observation satellites, Space stations, and Weather satellites.

What are the satellites of Venus?

Venus does not have satellites.Venus has no natural satellites.

What are ring satellites?

No, because rings are not satellites, but the moons are satellites.

How was World War 2 fought differently because of GPS?

GPS was not invented for forty years after WWII ended. GPS depends on satellites orbiting the earth. The satellites get there by rocket. The first satellite did not orbit the earth until 1957.

How many satellites does Venus have?

Venus has no natural satellites (moons)Venus a planet has no moons or satellites.Venus has no natural satellites.

Does Saturn have satellites or robots?


What are the satellites for mercury?

Mercury has no satellites.

Are there satellites on Uranus?

No, there are not satellites on Uranus.

What are the satellites of Mercury?

Mercury has no satellites because it is to far away. It has no moons (natural satellites).

Are there satellites on Saturn?

Specifically, yes there are satellites that orbit Saturn. The satellites are the moons of Saturn.

Where do communication satellites orbit?

Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.Communication satellites orbit around the Earth.

When was GPS systems invented?

The Navy project TIMATION began in 1964. It provided the technological basis for GPS (accurate clocks on the satellites updated from secure ground stations, satellites in circular orbits in mid-altitudes - 8 or 12 hours preferred).

How many satellites does the moon have?

8 satellites

How many satellites does Io have?

It has 3 satellites!

Are there satellites on the moon?

yes, there are satellites on the moon