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they werent attracted to it. that just happen to be where they landed , settlers after them followed what the others knew until more exploration occured :)

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Q: Why were settlers attracted to new jersey?
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What did the settlers in New Jersey wear?

what did the new jersey settlers wear

Why were many settlers attracted to the New Jersey colony?

Many sought the political and religious freedoms in the colony.

How did the owners of the New Jersey colony attract settlers?

The owners attracted the settlers by promising them freedom of religion. They also promised large grants of land and a representative assembly.

Who were the early settlers of New Jersey?

The Dutch were the first settlers of New Jersey followed by the Swedes and the English.

Why did the settlers go to New Jersey?

The settlers went to New Jersey because it had so much space.

Why did the first settlers of New Jersey came to New Jersey?


What countries did settlers in New Jersey and Delaware come?

The settlers in New Jersey and Delaware came from the countries of Ireland and Germany.

Who lived in New Jersey?

The first settlers of New Jersey were Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Quakers.

What did the settlers wear in New Jersey?

Flower bags

What countries did the settlers in New Jersey and Delaware come from?

The Dutch and the Swedes were among the first to settle in New Jersey.

What event in 1851 attracted a new rush of settlers?

A gold rush.

What factors attracted settlers to Ottawa Canada?

The good farm land attracted settlers.

Who were the first settlers in the colony in New Jersey?

by having sex

What attracted settlers to Georgia?

In Georgia, settlers were attracted to the peace and harmony between the Indians and the colonies.That is the answer

How did jersey get its name?

When English settlers came to New Jersey it reminded them of an island of the coast of England called jersey so they named the land "New" Jersey.

Who was the first person to discover New Jersey?

New Jersey wasn't discovered, it was created. Just ask the native Americans that were displaced by European settlers who eventually called it New Jersey.

What kinds of games did the settlers of new jersey play?

fun games!

What kind of games did the settlers play in new jersey?

hunt the deer

What was the reason for the first settlers to settle in New Jersey?

religious freedom

What attracted European settlers to new york in 1730?

when yo mama is sniffing butts

Who is New Jersey named after?

Jersey is one of the Channel Islands and a part of Great Britain. When British settlers came to the "new world", they used names that they were familiar with. A city in England called "York" had been home to many settlers. They used the name to describe York in the new world and called it "New York". The same was true of "New Jersey".

How did settlers survive in New Jersey?

When the first settlements were set up in what is now New Jersey, settlers survived largely by farming and partaking in a profitable trade of furs & game with the local Native American tribes.

It attracted settlers desiring religious freedom?

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom attracted settlers desiring religious freedom

Why did the first settlers of New Jersey come to New Jersey?

they wanted freedom of religion. the king limited them to one religion, so they set off for a new land where they can be free.

What tribe resided in new jersey before the settlers?

LENI Lenape !