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Q: Why were so many puritans disappointed in King James?
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How did Puritans feel about slaves?

The Puritans were opposed to slavery and many Christians, Puritans, and Quakers protested the government because of slavery and helped make the underground railroad to free slaves. The Puritans were in America before slavery. England started the slave trade to America and France provided almost all of the slave transport on ships to America.

Was King James 1 slave owner?

King James I of England (and VI of Scotland) like all his Stuart heirs (Charles II, James II, Mary II, William III and Queen Anne) happily funded the slave trade and, in the case of the later Stuart monarchs (and three quarters of the British Nobility) made absolute fortunes in it! Contrary to 'some' strange 'opinions' James was most certainly not 'fond' of black africans but treated the few he got his hands on with abysmal cruelty. On his marriage to Queen Anne in the deapth of a Scandanavian winter, he made two of his black slaves dance naked in the snow the better to show up their 'blackness' against the white landscape. They subsequently died of the cold.

How many daughters did the King Lear have?


Because President Nixon had appointed four of the nine justices on the Supreme Court by 1972 many conservatives were disappointed in 1973 when it ruled overwhelmingly that?

The Vietnam War was being fought unconstitutionally because Congress had not formally declared war.

How does the Declaration of Independence compare or contrast with Locke's statement?

It argues that the revolution was caused by the many abuses of King George III.

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How many King James Bible versions are there?

2. the other is the new king James version-------------------------------------------------------------------------Really there is just one, that authorized by King James.

How many times is King James mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible was written long before King James. And his version was not originally called the King James Bible.

How many times in king James is Lutheran used?

Lutheran is not used at all in the King James Bible

How many James have been king?

In England only two. In Scotland James II of England was their seventh king called James.

Why did many Americans feel disappointed with reconstruction?

why did many americans feel disappointed with reconstuction

How many words in King James bible?

The King James Bible was originally published in 1611 under the order of King James of England. There are 783,137 words in this version of the Bible.

How many times does Christian appear in the King James Bible?

Christian appears twice in the King James Bible.

How many puritans were persecuted by Charles?

There was so many Puritans that were persecuted.

How many James's were King of Scotland?


How many times did God say my peace I leave you?

None in the king James bible. Not new king James bible.

How many verses are in the King James version of the Bible?

In the King James version There are 1198 chapters which together have 30857 verses.

How many times does the word do appear in the King James Bible?

The word 'do' appears 1,271 times in the King James version of the Bible.