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To make people realise that they are not alone in the world.

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Q: Why were soap operas invented?
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Who began soap operas?

Soap sellers.

What soap operas can a person discuss on SoapZone?

There is a wide variety of soap operas on SoapZone. You can use SoapZone to watch soap operas and chat with people about them and common interests between you both.

What emotions is potrayed by soap operas?

The emotions that are potrayed in soap operas are sad , angry ,joyful , worried ,and last faithful.

Serious operas were call what?


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Which soap operas are covered by the website Soap Central?

Soap Central is website dedicated to American soap operas. It covers shows such as Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children and General Hospital.

What are the effects of soap operas to televiewers?


What do soap operas and traditional operas have in common?

Both are filled with Drama. And normally people in operas sing more than they actually talk.

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What are the release dates for Who Knew - 2010 Soap Operas 2-31?

Who Knew - 2010 Soap Operas 2-31 was released on: USA: 14 September 2010

What are the top three laundry detergents?

In the USA Tide, Cheer, and All are the top three sellers as they have been for about 5 decades. They are the ones who made "soap operas" to be called soap operas.