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because they Indians thought of that place where there gods would come down to them.

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Q: Why were the Black hills sacred?
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Sacred Sioux hills flooded by miners?

The Black Hills

Whom are The Black Hills sacred to?

The Black Hills are known for being sacred to the Lakota Sioux Native Americans. Harney Peak, the highest peak in the Black Hills, is considered the center of the universe to the Lakota people.

Were the Appalachian mountains sacred to the Sioux Indians?

No, but the Black Hills of South Dakota are sacred to the Sioux.

What religion involves Black Hills?

The Black Hills (Khe Sapa) of South Dakota and Wyoming are sacred to the Oceti Sakowin (The Great Sioux Nation), mainly the Tetonwan/Teton (Lakota).

Why were the Lakota willing to fight for the Black Hills?

The Lakota (a Sioux tribe) believe that the Ȟe Sápa (Paha Sapa, Black Hills) are the center of their universe, the place where their culture began. Their creation stories come from the Black Hills and they consider the Black Hills as sacred, a place to go and pray.

What is the sacred area surrounding Mount Rushmore called?

The area is called the Black Hills.

What areadid the siouxindians regard as sacred?

The Black Hills Land, stretching across South Dakota and Wyoming.

Famous landmarks in antananarivo madagascar?

A famous landmark that is located in Antananarivo Madagascar is The Sacred hills. The Sacred Hills is a World Heritage Site.

Why were settlers interested in the black hills?

The first people to come to the Black Hills were the Native Americans who considered the Black Hills sacred. The first tribes were the Arikara, Cheyenne, Crow, Kiowa and Pawnee. They were driven out of the area by the Lakota who were being pushed west by expansion of the US territories. Fur traders found a wealth of animals in the Black Hills. Then General George Armstrong Custer discovered gold in the Black Hills in 1874. Many settlers came to the area hoping to strike it rich!

Do you capitalize the black hills?

yes, you do capitalize The Black Hills.

What is the Indian name for the black hills?

Paha Sapa. The Lakota Sioux call the Black Hills Paha Sapa - hills of black.

How big are the black hills?

the black hills are 5,267 feet high