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Why were the Greeks encouraged to participate in sports?


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Sports promoted fitness and stamina and a desire to achieve greatness, and so were of social benefit. They were held in Greek cities as a part of religious festivals to honour the gods. Some were much more widely attended than others, gaining inter-city repute throughout the Greek world, and came to deliver financial and prestige benefits. The most prominent were the Olympic Games at Olympia in honour of Zeus, others were the Isthmian Games, Nemean Games, Pythian Games.


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The Greeks had a strong passion for sports, and aside from their differences sports brought the Greeks together.

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Greek architechture was impelled by the country's love for sports and theatre, the columns were made to accomodate the same.

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It is said that men are fitter and stronger and therefore better at sports butwomen do have football teams and they swim, run, and do all the olympic events. They don't do rugby.

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Greeks did not play sports.

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Ancient Greeks were very serious about sports.

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