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pyramids were built for the Pharaoh when he died. they used then to put the Pharaoh in.

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Q: Why were the pyramids needed?
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Why were pyramids needed in the pyramids?

for ancient Egyptians tombs

Where did they get the materials they needed for the pyramids?

from the ground i guess.

How many people were needed to make the pyramids?

about 2,000,000

Why do pyramids exist?

Egyptian pharaohs needed tombs, so the Egyptians would make pyramids as the pharaoh's tomb.

Why were ventilation shafts built in the pyramids?

I imagine so that people that needed to work inside the pyramids could breathe

How did the Maya's carry and stack stones pyramids?

Around 170 people were needed to help the Mayan's build their pyramids. They used a long ramp to lift the stones to the heights needed for the pyramids. The stone blocks were mounted and rolled onto wooden pallets instead of dragged through the sand.

Who built the Pyramids and why were these tombs needed?

the egyptians built them for the purpose of buring their dead pharohs inside, and they were needed for that purpose.

Why were the pyramids created in Egypt?

The pyramids house the pharaohs of Egypt along with them were buried all the things they needed in the afterlife.

Why do experts believe women helped build these pyramids?

because women needed to help

Why was pyramids important?

They were needed to bury the dead pharoahs and usr to keep grave robbers out

What specialized skills were needed to build the pyramids?

mathematics,geometry,engineering,and architecture !!

What did the Egyptians use there numerals for?

To work out how much food and how much limestone they needed to build for the pyramids :)

Do king and queen keeps treasure in ancient Egyptians pyramids?

yes because they believed they needed them in the after life

What greatly influenced the life of the Egyptian peasants?

Beer. Yes beer, the food of the Egyptian peasant. Bread and beer. It is thought that while building the pyramids workers were fed a type of beer that is actually a sort bread. This gave them the nourishment needed for the backbreaking work needed to build the pyramids.

What is the pyramids?

The pyramids are the Pyramids of Giza.

Why were pyramids made?

They where made because when pharaohs died they needed their bodies protected when they moved on to the afterlife. so they would build tombs inside of the pyramids and the mummifide pharaohs inside the tombs to keep them from decatying

How many kinds of pyramids are their?

I don't know exactly how many, but I know there are Egyptian pyramids, Aztec and Mayan pyramids, unfinished pyramids, and rock pyramids, and sand pyramids.

What is the difference between coconut macaroons and coconut pyramids?

because macaroons are macaroons and pyramids are pyramids.

Why did pharaohs need pyramids?

They didn't really need pyramids. What they needed was to be mummified and preserved. According to their belief, without a mummified body that was kept safe they could not enjoy an afterlife. Pyramids were built only for a short period, relatively speaking, early in the history of ancient Egypt.

Why was pyramida built?

mummies were put in tombs and the tombs needed somewhere to go so the Egyptian people made pyramids..... Although I have no idea why they called it pyramids though.

What arew the different types of pyramids?

there are step pyramids, bent pyramids, normal pyramids and more

Why are the pyramids of Giza shaped as pyramids?

I think that the Pyramids are shaped the way they are because pyramids are structurally stable

The differences between Aztec pyramids and Mayan pyramids?

Mayan pyramids are taller while Aztec pyramids were flatter. Both, however were truncated to hold pyramids at the top. Aztecs had more pyramids at the top.

Why were the tombs needed in pyramids?

to shelter and safeguard the part of a pharoahs soul that remained with his coarpse. Hope this helped yu ppl

Why were the pyramids of egypt significant?

Because people needed to put the bodies of dead people in them, so that the bodies wouldn't rot.