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Why were trenches used?

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They were used for the soldiers to hide in to protect themselves from the enemy, so that they didnt get killed. The conditions were pretty dirty and horrible though

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What wire was used to protect ww1 trenches?

Barbed wire was used to protect the trenches.

What country first used trenches in WW1?

Not sure which 'first' used trenches. But the Australian and New Zealand soliders commonly used trenches during the Gallipoli campaign.

Why wern't trenches used in World War 2?

Trenches were used in both WWI and WWII.

What were duck boards used for in the trenches?

During WWI, duck boards were used as flooring at the bottom of the trenches. Trenches often were flooded with water and mud, and these wood planks provided soldiers a way to walk in these trenches.

What were reserve trenches used for?

Reserve trenches were used as supplies for the trenches out the front. In world war one, they had come up with a technique of hiding in trenches before they fight. To do this properly, they had made them zig-zags. The trenches on the front line were where the soldiers would fight from. Reserve trenches were used in case these people had anything happen to them and they needed to use more trenches and more men. Throughout the war, the conditions of the front line trenches became worse as the communication and reserve trenches improved. I hope that helped :)

In world war 1 was it the first time they used trenches?

No. Trenches were used in wars as far back as history is recorded. Trenches were used in the Revolutionary war in the US. Some of these trenches can still be seen at the scene of some battlefields such as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Yorktown Virginia.

How were World War 1 trenches built?

They used shovels and picks to dig out the trenches.

How long did the trenches stretch and were trenches used during World War 2?

Trenches were a trademark of the first World War. They were extensive and elaborate. They were not used in World War II. Are you trying to find out the length of ALL the trenches together?

Were trenches used in World War II?

yes, well not exactly trenches aren't something you use. Trenches are hiding places for soldiers

What were the four types of trenches and what were they used for in World War 1?

Front line trenchesFire stepsNo-Man's LandCommunications trenches.

Why trenches is important?

A reason I can think of in which soldiers used trenches for is to take cover from machine gunfire. Also, the correct title is why trenches ARE important. Not is.

What are military trenches?

Military trenches were large dugout areas that were utilized on both sides of the military. Sometimes the trenches went on for hundreds of miles. The trenches were used for defense and cover, and were protected by barbed wire to ward off attacks. The trenches were also used to run communications, food, and supplies to the soldiers.

What were bunkers used for in trenches?

It used to store food

Who first used trenches?


What were support trenches used for?


What is used to map enemy positions and trenches and to attack trenches from above?

for look the position is used the photography and some time bombs

What are trenches in the war?

Trenches were long, narrow holes in the ground used to shelter soldiers in between the battles. These trenches were full of lice, rats and mud.

Why were the trenches built in the world war?

Trench warfare used several different types of trenches. Firing trenches were used by soldiers to protect themselves while firing their weapons at their enemy. Cover trenches were often built next to the firing trenches as a second line of defense in case the enemy captured the firing trench. Support trenches were used as rest areas for off-duty troops, who sometimes lived in dugouts excavated in the sides of the trench. A network of reserve and communications trenches was used to bring supplies and fresh troops to the front.

What were the communication trenches used for?

The communication trenches were actually used to deliver messages between trenches. A lot of times a "communications trench" wasn't even a trench and the messengers had to run across open ground.

Who used trenches?

Both fighting sides of WWI (World War One) <><><><> Actually, trenches have been used in warfare for thousands of years.

What have maori's invented?

Trenches used in WW1

What language is used in Suicide in the trenches?


What is a reserve trench in World War 1?

A reserve tranch was one of three main trenches, all connected up by communication trenches. The reserve trenches were at the back and, from the name, were used as reserves. The next trenches were support trenches, to support the fighting. Then you had the Front trenches, right next to No Man's Land. Hope this helped :D

What were trench mortars used for in ww1?

They were used for blasting people out of trenches.

Who used trenches in ww1?

Both sides of the war, the Allies and the Central Powers, on the borders of Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland

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