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Aluminium is not a metal, it is a metalloid. Magnets only attract to three major metal elements at room temperature: nickel, iron, and cobalt.

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Can you make an aluminum magnet attract aluminum?

Aluminum is not magnet meatal and cannot be a magnet.

Is aluminum attracted to a magnet?

Aluminum is non-magnetic and will not attract to a magnet.

Will aluminum can attract to a magnet?

No. Aluminum is a non-magnetic metal.

Would an aluminum can attract to a magnet?

No. The aluminum can does not have magnetic properties.

Can magnet attract aluminum?

Aluminium is not magnetic, so no

Will a north pole magnet attract to a piece of aluminium foil?

No. Aluminum is not attracted by a magnet.

Is aluminium attract to a magnet?

No, aluminum is a non ferrous metal.

Does salt attract to a magnet?

because metal is in it, aluminum to be exact.

Can a magnet attract aluminum?

Not normally. (Note Alco magnets as an exception.)

Will a piece of aluminium foil attract to a north pole magnet?

No because aluminum is not magnetic.

How can you figure out if a piece of metal is iron or aluminum?

Hold a magnet against it. magnets attract iron.

Why aluminium is not attracted by a magnet?

Aluminum is not attracted to a magnet because it is classified as a paramagnetic metal. The atoms in the metal must all be spinning in the same direction for magnets to attract. With aluminum, they are spinning in different directions.

How do the poles of a magnet attract or repel?

B.An aluminum wire carrying currentC.An electromagnetD.An iron pipe

Does Steel attract to a magnet?

steeel can never attract magnet

How could you separate aluminum fillings from iron fillings?

Very easily, put a magnet on them it will attract the iron but not the aluminium.

How do you tell what are aluminum wheels?

If the wheels are steel, a magnet will stick. If aluminum, it will not.If the wheels are steel, a magnet will stick. If aluminum, it will not.

Can a magnet attract things in water?

Anything that a magnet will attract on dry land, it will also attract in water.

What do magnets not attract to?

what will not attract to a magnet

Does lead attract to a magnet?

No.just Iron,Nickel,Cobalt attract to a magnet

Does a magnet attract a razor blade?

yes a magnet can attract a razor blade

Does magnet always attract silver?

Magnet never attract silver. It only attract to iron, steel and nickel.

Can steel can attract with south pole magnet?

Either pole of a magnet can attract steel.

Will paper clips attract a magnet?

No, but in fact, the magnet will attract most paper clips.

How do you test aluminum?

The main test for aluminum is by using a magnet. Aluminum is not magnetic. If a steel is tested and the magnet clings to it then that is a good indication that it is not aluminum.

Why can a magnet attract pins but not matches?

Matches are not made of a magnetic material, so the magnet will not attract it.

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