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Why will the engine not start after you did a tune up?

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you might have crossed up the plug wires.

2006-08-20 02:09:38
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How do you tune up 5A engine?

how do i tune up my 5a toyota engine

How perform diesel engine tune up?

I perform diesil engine tune up to avoid engine trubol

Why would a 1991 Eagle Talon be hard to start when the engine is cold?

Needs a tune up?

Why does my Honda Acty engine stall?

Could be many reasons. Start with a good tune up.

Why is your lumina hard to start when hot?

If there is no check engine light illuminated, start with the basics like a good tune up.

Why won't a Chevy Nova 250 6 cylinder engine start after a complete tune-up?

Need some more info, what year is it and what tune up parts did you install.

What is diesel engine tune-up?

diesel engine tune up-valve adjustment,bleeding,on time method,change oil,change filter

What does it mean when a 1998 Chevy cavilers engine shuts down when driving wont start back up?

time for a major tune up

What different of perform diesel engine tune up and gas tune up?

No spark plugs on a diesel.

Why my car's engine vibrates heavily on starting in the morning?

Could be may things, excessive cylinder wall clearance(worn engine), I would start with a tune-up.

What are signs your car needs a tune up?

signs a car needs a tune up can be all or any of the following poor performance excessive fuel consumption.unusal noise in engine hard to start backfiring in engine not starting at all over heating more exhaust smoke than usual

How does the 4k engine tune-up?

check and adjust the valve clearance

Tahoe Difficult to start but runs well where to start?

I would start with a tune up

What causes service engine lite to stay on after tune up?

The problem was not fixed with a tune up, or the light is on because it was not reset by the service station.

Can the distributor cab or wires stop a car from staring?

Yes and NoIf you did a tune-up the answer can be yes!If you're car was running and then won't start, probably no!If you did the tune-up, you have to make sure that the proper wire go to its place by the firing order of you're engine.

Why won't my 1987 Camaro idle with the air condition on?

Your car needs a tune up or need a new engine. The air condition puts load on your engine and if it stalls then it needs a tune up.

Why is Chevy van hard to start?

A Chevy van may be hard to start because the engine may be malfunctioning. Bring your Chevy to an auto body shop and get a tune up performed.

What make engine vibrate?

Could be a misfire. In need of a tune up.

Tune up specs for Pontiac tempest 1963?

depends on the engine

What does it mean when your engine shakes?

It means it probably needs a tune up.

Why does your car engine cut out when going uphill?

Time for a tune up.

How tune up Hino engine?

Replace the air and fuel filters.

Why my van hesitate when I press the gas?

Could be many reasons. Start with a basic tune up. The year, make, model and engine info would be helpful.

Why is Saturn Ion getting harder to start.?


How do you tune up a Chevrolet celbrity?

To tune up your Celebrity's engine: Replace the spark plugs, gap is 0.045". Put on new spark plug wires.