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i asked my science teacher this and he said that when nail varnish dries, two main substances evaporate, putting nail varnish in water allows the nail varnish to evaporate quicker!


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Because it isn't water-based…

It thins/ dissolves the nail varnish. If the nail varnish remover contains acetone it can also dissolve false nails. (I did write the last answer I just wasn't signed in)

Because Nail Polish Has Acetone. You cannot wash off acetone with water, because water is just clear.

The reason Nail Varnish removcer removes all nail varnish is because it contains certain chemical that help it get rid of the nail enamel. While water actually helps the nail varnish dry quicker if poured on wet nails.

acetone, a major componant of nail varnish remover.

Mainly Acetone, i think. Hope this helps (:

the solute particles in ethylethanoate separate from each other and mix with the solvent because the attraction between the solvent and the solute is so strong causing the intermolecular bonds between the solute and solvent to mix and dissolve the nail vanish. whereas with water the case is not the same since water has got stronger intermolecular forces which when it meets with the nail varnish the forces become weaker causing them not to react

if it burns the skin or if it comes off in water nobody want there nail varnish to come off in water ?

The ester in a nail varnish is a good solvent that is used in nail polish removers because it dissolves the nail varnish and does not affect the nail.

I would say that nail varnish stays on for about a week, but sometimes depends, but heat/hot water etc does weaken the nails and make them chip etc. As false nails, nail varnish also grows with your nails. It is important that when you are putting nail varnish on that you dont go right to the cutical and around the edge of your nails as that makes them chip, and they dont last as long. If you cover your nail varnish with clear nail varnish, then they have a chance of staying on longer.

Water is a polar liquid Solubility depends on "like dissolves like" That means that water can only dissolve polar substances. consider nail varnish: this won't dissolve in water because it is not polar. However, it will dissolve in acetone, which is a non-polar solvent.

gold and a little bit of nail varnish

Use sunflower oil or nail varnish remover. Personally I would recommend nail varnish remover. WARNING! Always take old nail varnish off before putting new on.

you can buy fabarooni neon nail varnish at primark. you can also buy some neon colors at delia's

Nail varnish remover contains acetone and it uses it to remove the nail varnish from the nail. The main removal substance in the nail varnish remover is acetone and without it you'd have to scratch it off your nail. :)

it is a solvent nail varnish remover is a solution x

acetone nail varnish remover to remove the nail but acetone free nail varnish remover if you just want to remove the varnish off the fake nail

the best way of getting the varnish off without remover is to get a hot bath ! this may seem like a stupid answer but by leaving your nails to soak in the hot water it loosens the nail varnish allowing you to gently scratch it off with your other nail . you will get the remains of the nail varnish floating in the bath ,but they are easily sucked down the drain and you get the comfort of a warm bath at the same time . its easy if you repaint them and wipe them staight off you might have to do this twice but it works

Well, I think you mean by getting nail varnish off your nail. there are some various steps run the nail under a warm tap and as your nail gets 'used' to the water, gentally try and scratch it with another nail from the other hand. Although, this could be very tiring and uses quite a bit of time, it does work.

There is a nail polish technique called water marbling. It can be difficult to do. However, here is a great guide for how to do 'dry' water marbling.

First of all you will need clear nail varnish and white nail varnish . You apply the clear varnish first then wait for 3-4 minutes for it to dry then get the white nail varnish and apply it to the tip of the nail only . Wait for it to dry , this is very important as the nail varnish will smudge if you do not wait for it to dry. Then finally apply another coat of clear nail varnish for a glossy and smooth look . Hope this helped x

Yes, nail varnish is classed as part of a women's make-up.

There is a product that is called Illamasqua Nail Varnish. It is sold at Sephora online. Another is called ASOS nail varnish which is the name of the site to go to for that one.

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