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Q: Why won't my crosman ravens barrel open?
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Your Crosman Pulse P50 wont shoot. It shoots but nothing comes out of the barrel or goes into the barrel. What do I do to fix it?

Take it to a factory authorized repair center.

Can the Crosman 50003 Stinger R37 use other mags then the one it came with?

No, it can not. You realy wont need an extra magazine for a spring gun.

Help fixing crossman r38 airsoft sniperrifle wont cock it gos all the way back but wont lock and shoots bolt forword need help?

This Sniper Rifle was sold by Crosman, but now it's sold by UTG (Under the Gun). I suggest that you contact Crosman, The following information is from the instruction manual for the R38. CUSTOMER SERVICE: If your soft air gun is not functioning, we recommend that you call Crosman Corporation Customer service at 1-800-724-7486

Your 760 pumpmaster wont put a bb in the camber?

Go to the link below, and click on "customer care." I believe Crosman still repairs these rifles.

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