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Q: Why won't our edible water bottles work?
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Does the chemical in glow sticks work better in hot or cold temperatures?

Hot, but if you put them in water over 40 degrees Celsius then it will mess them up and they wont work right.

Do you pour base into water or water into a base to dilute?

One would normally add water or some other solvent to dilute a base

2 If a small amount of sulfuric acid is spilled near the reagent bottles in the hood the best thing to do first would be?

Pour powder sodium bicarbonate on the spilled acid to neutralize it. In fact, sodium bicarbonate can be used on either basic or acidic spills, because it is an amphoteric substance. DO NOT add water, especially if the acid is highly concentrated, as it may splatter and contaminate you work station. If the acid is not very concentrated, you can just flush everything with plenty of water and remove all bottles, beakers, etc. from your work station ASAP! Wear gloves, goggles and a lab coat at all times, of course!

Is SODIS just as effective with glass bottles as it is with clear plastic PET bottles?

Generally speaking, glass bottles will work for the SODIS process although they are much thicker walls and generally do not allow as much UV radiation through as thin walled clear plastic PET bottles which are the container of choice. The main disadvantages of glass bottles are the weight and the fact that they can break if dropped. They are also not as plentiful in the rural areas of developing countries where this process is being targeted at the household level. Another disadvantage is the lack of screw top lids found on plastic bottles. They are more difficult to cap and prevent leakage during the process.

Does bleach only work in the laundry if you are using it with hot water?

No, bleach will work in any temperature water but it will work best in hot water with white clothes.

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How do hot water bottles work?

Hot water bottles work in a very simple way. You simply fill them up with hot water and place them on area you need heated.

Where can i find a place that deliver water bottles?

You can go to the following websites to find a place that will deliver water bottles to your work office for your employees

How does the jug bottles work?

If you mean like blowing air into it, the more water you have, the deeper the sound.

How many bottles of water does a person need to drink to get the 6-8 glasses of water a day?

drinking three 20 Oz bottle will make up 7.5 glasses of water,

How do you tell if the water pump is bad on a pt cruiser?

it wont work

How do you get hair glue out your hair?

use a lot of water, if it wont work try steam,then acetone

Is it bad to put a changing color necklice in water?

yes beacuase it wont work no more

Why wont your water jets work on ford transit 2004?

Because either there's no water in bottle, or you pressing wrong switch.

What color cap is dot 3 brake fluid have?

It depends on the brand. The bottles I get at the Dodge dealer I work at have a black cap.It depends on the brand. The bottles I get at the Dodge dealer I work at have a black cap.

Why wont the pool pump work?

Is the power on, do you have a breaker, is the water level up, there are so many reasons for a pump not to work more information is needed.

Can you make electicity with salt water and air?

yes, you can you need some metal in the saltwater though or it wont work

When will water erosion not work?

It wont just stop working, over time water will keep eroding. Over billions and billions of years maybe water will erode everything.