Why wont Passenger Door unlock?

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Sometimes the lock sticks because either the door handle or door lock rods are not fully disengaged and they may need oiled to free them up.If you lift the outside or inside door handles and they feel like there is no resistence to them they may be stuck or if the door lock rod stuck and you tried to open the handle this could jamb the system. Another thing that could go wrong is you might have a bad power door lock.if you can somehow get the lock system oiled up ( I use pb blaster) and see if the key lock on the outside is free also ... it may need oiled up to.. I live in a high rust area so this is a common thing around here. if you can take the door pad off somehow too it would be easier to work on... if this doesn't help try your local body shop for help.. hope this info helped In the Chevy Caprice Classic wagon models, there's a child safety lock on the jamb of the two passenger doors that lock out the handles. Try switching the lever from its current position up or down then try the locks and handles.

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Q: Why wont Passenger Door unlock?
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04 silverado drivers door wont lock or unlock others are fine mirror remote wont work for driver but will for passenger?

its the fuse

How do I unlock passenger door with the remote on a VW Beetle?

you hit the unlock door button twice.

What do you do if your golf gti drivers door wont open?

use the passenger door.

How do you unlock the passenger door when it has locked when trying to open the car?

You use your key to unlock the door. Then it will be open. If not, a locksmith can help.

Passenger door on 2002 Hyundai santa fe wont lock or unlock by itself?

check fuses in fuse panel and check , does the power windows work ? , check for power at door lock control unit in door

How do you fix a front passenger door handle on a MK4 VW golf that wont unlock?

The only way to address an issue with door handle that will not unlock the doors on a MK4 VW Golf is to remove the panel that covers the lock on the door itself. After the panel has been removed the problem can be identified.

Why does key turn all way round in drivers side door and wont unlock it but works fine on passenger side on peugeot 806?

push they key in further !

Why wont any doors open on my golf with the fob other than drivers door?

The golf door mechanism is set to unlock the drivers door only. This is a safety measure, it allows the driver to get into the car and control who gets into the passenger side of the car.

How do you unlock 1988 735i BMW with a dead battery?

"To manually unlock the passenger door. Put key in passenger door keyhole, lift door handle while turning key clockwise." This happened to my daughter's car. I got this advice on and it works!!!

How can you open passenger door on Jeep Cherokee Laredo will not unlock?

take off door panel remove door lock componets and go from there

How do you open a 2003 Taurus when the battery is dead and the keys wont manually unlock?

Why will the key not unlock the door? If you are using the correct key it should unlock the door. Try both doors. If it will not work you need to call a locksmith to come and unlock the car door with a slim jim.

Caravelle 95 model the passenger sides door just wont open its an electric door lock and the nob wont come up when pulled both handles are disabled due to it being locked Please help?

take seats out so that you can gain access to the door panel. remove it and unlock. or remove fuse. not sure if it has one though.

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