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Why wont frugooscape work now?


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2011-09-13 17:07:59
2011-09-13 17:07:59

Frugooscape is now back. But if it comes up as a grey/black screen, You might be using the wrong browser. I would highly recommend use Safari (Browser). I am not sure if you have to download it, But I think you do. Frugooscape is currently back in game. If you would like to play it, Join Http:// Make sure you use NET not COM. Or you may Google search it. -RsPker1- -2009- -January-

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Runescape accounts do not work with frugooscape. Frugooscape is a separate entity from Jagex.

FrugooScape's Server hascrashed and they have to get a new computer in. FrugooScape is now fixed, up and running. so you can now create/ login on your account

this is wht it says on - You can't play Frugooscape Game at now. Because Jagex sued frugooscape for copyright infringement, as frugoo stole Jagex's game code to make their game, now their website is only leave some kind of youtube runescape and frugooscape videos.

To get dragon plate-legs on Frugooscape, you have to type in '::pickup 4087 1' in the chat box. Make sure not to add the quotes, and to add the '::' or else it wont work. Also, make sure to add a space between '4087' and '1'.

You can do it in Moparscape or Frugooscape now.

There is no frugooscape anymore (its been sued and shut down by jagex :):) happy) y did you play it it's an illegal copy of runescape

Frugooscape is a copy of Runescape 1. Frugooscape is like Runescape but there are certain codes that let you get items for free and is more likely on cheating, not the actual playing of normal Runescape. Frugooscape Ultamate came out July 3, 2008 and is an update to the game due to a crash or the first frugooscape. this is very good but im afraid it is now closed because jagex have sued them sorry.

There are currently no quests for FrugooScape.

Frugooscape is the first private server till jagex new about it they sewed them for copyrighting the runescape game now frugooscape is know as unrealscape witch is now down for updations and terms atm.

They currectly have no Bandos items in FrugooScape.

FrugooScape was sued by Jagex for alleged copyright infringement. Jagex alleged that the client used on FrugooScape was their property.

To get the Attack Skillcape on Frugooscape, you have to type '::pickup 8026 1' in the chat box at the bottom of the frugooscape screen

FRUGOO SCAPE IS BACK ON NOW :) then u have to click frugooscape client down the side and click thru all that and then , YOU CAN PLAY :) December 2008

The I.P For Frugooscape is Port 43594 == ==

Frugooscape was sued Silab is fine

no, runescape just sued frugooscape becuz they are gaining more ppl that runescape with the codes frugooscape will be up and running soon,But now it wont work.

i wont help you now get on with your work!

hell no, you have to work for it, it would probabely take a year for you get it yes

Frugooscape IS back play it at. you make an acc then click frugooscape client server. then choose wat world ect. hope this helps x

The radio needs to be reprogrammed,have you got the security code which should be in the owners hand book

Open a new window. Search Frugooscape in yahoo!. Then click on the result that says: Frugooscape Terms and Services. And there u go! Make an accct. and have fun with the best rs server!

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