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Because the Wind is not always blowing. Wind is off and on, we need power that we know will be there when we need it such as coal. But Wind Power is still great and it is "green."

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Q: Why wont wind energy be able to meet the energy needs?
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Why is the wind an energy source with limited uses?

A disadvantage of wind energy is that only a few places on Earth have enough wind to meet our energy needs.

What alternative sources of energy can help meet your energy needs?

Any of the renewable energy sources (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen) will help meet your energy needs. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are limited as well as polluting.

Where is a future source of renewable energy supposed to come from?

There are several sources that are proposed to meet future energy needs in a renewable way. Solar, wind, and biomass energy have all been proposed and all have pros and cons.

Where does the wind get its energy?

Rises and drops in pressure and when differing pressures meet

Why is the wind's energy able to move objects?

Because of friction. The kinetic energy in the wind pushes against the particles of the object.

Why can't people rely on wind power alone to satisfy their energy needs?

Wind is not constant or reliable,

What will happen without wind power?

the thing that will happen with wind power would be that if we didn't have wind energy we would either die or if we didn't have any wind energy we would not be able to breath because the wind energy gives all of us oxegen

What Unexploited resource in southwest region of US that could help meet energy needs without contributing to global warming?

The deserts. THey create huge amounts of wind and have a large amount of "sunlight-time"; both of these can be used in wind and solar power generation.

What kind of energy are wind turbine generators used to create?

Wind turbine generators are used to convert the kinetic (movement) energy of the wind directly into electrical energy, which is used to power electrical appliances and needs no further conversion.

How is wind a energy transformation?

Basic understanding in order to generate wind power, u need to be able to find a way to capture energy from the force of wind once you have the capability of capturing the wind energy, the harness energy can be used to drive turbines attach to generator to produce power

Is a wind turbine able to make electricity if the wind is not blowing?

No, it only works when the wind is blowing. This is why renewable energy is best with a mix of resources. Solar energy, hydro power and wind are three that together can supply constant power.

What are some disadvantages about wind?

Some times to much wind is entered into the wind mill so the wind mill might not be able to produce much or any energy.