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There could be a few factors that causes this to happen:

- The 3DS needs to have the wireless slider turned on

- The NDS cannot play 3DS games so it will not connect if the 3DS is playing 3D games

- Some games require both consoles to have the gamecard in order to link. (cannot use DS Download Play)

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because the 3d games are only built for the 3ds but the ds games will work on the 3ds but they won't be in 3d

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because your 3ds is cheap. Buy a new game and 3ds :O

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3DS games are specifically designed for the 3DS, and won't work on an older DS.

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Q: Why wont your 3DS and DS communicate with each other?
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When do orange 3DS come out?

it wont come out

Is white 3DS better or black 3DS better?

Probably black because it wont show the dirt on it or smudges.

Is there pitochat on a 3ds?

Nope. The 3DS does not include Pictochat. But a way to communicate with friends is to use Swapnote, a free download from the Nintendo eShop.

What type of connection does 3ds support?

So far, from what I can tell, it looks like it works off of wifi or wireless LAN, what Nintendo is calling SpotPass, however, on the Nintendo website they talk about StreetPass too, which would mean it would need to have constant wifi connection. StreetPass means that as you pass other gamers with a 3ds while you have your 3ds the devices will communicate with each other and share data and info so you can connect later while playing games.

Can the Wii U connect with the Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, the 3DS can communicate with other DS systems while playing DS or DSi games or in DS Download Play. However, since the 3DS does not have PictoChat, and no other DS systems can play 3DS software, these features are incompatible.

Could you play 3ds games on your dsi?

No, dsi games work in a 3ds, wont appear 3d though, but the dsi does not have the ability to play 3ds games.

Why wont the Nintendo 3DS eshop work?

you need a wifi connection

Can you play splinter cell 3D on DS i?

no 3ds games are only for 3ds because it has a thing on the side that wont let it enter

How do you connect your 3ds to the internet with a iPad?

There is no known way to accomplish this because iPad was by Apple and the 3DS was by Nintendo, they don't support each other.

How does a 3DS Circle Pad Pro connect to a 3DS?

The 3DS and the Circle Pad Pro connect to each other through the IR (Infra Red) Port on the top of the bottom half of the system. That's why it need batteries.

Can you use a 3DS action replay on the 3DS?

Probably not, It is designed to "signifigantly curb" piracy and hacks, so that pirated cards wont work.

When does super Mario galaxy 3DS come out?

Nintendo had a rumer that super mario galaxy will come to the 3DS but we wont know until 2013 or 2014