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You have a blown head gasket sorry to say. The white smoke is water getting into the combustion chamber and the reason the engine vibrates is the chamber that is getting the water is not firing thus causing the shaking.

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What would cause white smoke and oil coming out the exhaust in a 1984 dodge ram 360 engine?

A 1984 Dodge 360 blowing oil and white smoke could be a combination of problems. Check the engine oil for water mixed in, and for low engine coolant. Check the pcv valve for a clog. Check engine compression for a possible blown head gasket.

Diesel engine giving white smoke at start up?

Usually white smoke is the result of a cold engine. After the engine warms up, the white smoke should disappear. Faulty injector spray patterns are another common problem.

99 7.3 no power and blowing white smoke?

in a diesel engine, no power and blowing white smoke, indicates a bad turbo on the engine

Why is White smoke from engine a minute after starting car?

ENGINE SMOKE Check Related link below

You were driving your 1995 Jeep and the engine was making a knocking sound and then the engine died and white smoke smelling of oil began coming out of the engine?

White smoke. Means water/coolant in your engine. Most likely you blew the head gasket, if you smell oil and see white smoke.

Why does aircooled engine blow white smoke?

White smoke will come out of a vehicle's exhaust system when the engine is cold. This is because of condensation build up in the engine and exhaust. The white smoke should go away after several minutes of idling. If you engine is always blowing white smoke, regardless of temperature, then it might be burning oil. Check the levels of your engine oil and your transmission fluid (if you have an automatic) and have the engine compression checked for blow-by.

Why does your 2002 dodge ram 1500 have bursts of white smoke when it has sat for awhile?

My 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 has bursts of white smoke that quickly vanish after sitting awhile. I've been told that it is the Valve Stem Seals. Is this the end of my engine and is the Valve Spring Compression Tool a successful repair tool?

Smoke from car?

The color of the smoke will help identify the problem. Blue smoke is engine or transmission oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

What does it mean when white smoke comes out of engine?

the engine is flooded with gas

What does it mean when your engine sputters and you have white smoke coming from you tail pipes?

White smoke coming from your tail pipe often indicates an issue with your coolant. The smoke comes from burning coolant. The engine sputters and white smoke is likely an issue with the head gasket.

Why does engine exhaust smoke become white?

Engine exhaust turns white from water in the combustion chamber.

What cause black smoke white smoke blue smoke in diesel engine?

In a diesel engine, blue smoke is an indication of oil being burned. Black smoke means that there is incomplete combustion of the fuel. White smoke can be seen when raw diesel fuel is not being burned.

What causes smoke to come out of engine?

blue smoke is oil. white smoke is water. black smoke is unburnt fuel

What would make 1993 s10 blaze smoke?

What color the smoke is makes a difference, blue smoke=engine oil, black smoke=excess fuel, white smoke=engine coolant.

Why does your truck white smoke?

Typically water in engine.

What can cause the white smoke on your BMW?

overheating of the engine.

Honda Passport doing a lot of white smoke?

under the engine block is wet and it is blowing a lot of white smoke

My F150 knocks and blows white smoke but still has power what causes white smoke?

White smoke coming out of a vehicle means you need to either get your oil changed or the oil you have is too small of a weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your engine is warmed up and blowing white smoke , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , or a warped or cracked head

Why would white smoke come from the engine?

White smoke coming from the engine can mean many different things. One such thing is that your car may have a blown head gasket or that oil is burning in the engine.

Yesterday you just had your oil changed in your 2007 mustang GT This morning a puff of white smoke came out the exhaust as you started it No smoke afterwards Why did it do that?

White smoke in the exhaust means water is being burned in the engine. A small puff of white smoke the first time you start a car in the morning is normal. Water condenses in the intake, and engine and when you firsts start the engine it burns off producing a puff of white smoke. It is nothing to concern yourself with unless the car is constantly blowing white smoke.

What does white smoke mean when it is coming out of the exhaust of your 2000 Ford F-350 diesel?

white smoke from diesel exhaust generally means you have engine coolant leaking internally in enginevery rarely , white smoke can indicate a problem with the turbo

What causes white smoke at start up?

White smoke at start up is due to moisture in the exhaust or on a diesel it can be normal due to the engine being cold.White smoke at start up is due to moisture in the exhaust or on a diesel it can be normal due to the engine being cold.

White smoke out of tailpipe on volkswagen 1.8 turbo?

I have a 2001 1.8 Turbo Passat. I believe the white smoke is due to the engine sludge problem that had a recall on it (I missed the mileage cut off for a new engine). Sludge builds up on the Catalytic Converter. After a certain amount of build up and the temperature of the Cat is at normal temperature, white smoke will come out of tail pipe when accelerating. When it starts, the engine will shake slightly and sound strained. I try to gently continue my acceleration until the sludge is cleared (white smoke stops). Changing the oil frequently helps. Using synthetic oil helps. Shane

Why is a lawn mower smoking?

its probably burning oil, if the smoke is white. if the smoke is black, it means its running rich. if the smoke is white, you have serious internal engine problems

High level of engine oil what type of smoke?


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