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Um, because it's a Geo Metro??


Perhaps it is because of your large behind IN a Geo Metro?


Your catalytic converter may be getting stopped up too.

Try changing the fuel & oil filters.

Mine was doing the same thing last summer, the fuel & oil filters were both plugged.


Stop trying to drive up walls.


It could be a lot of things. It may be running too rich and bogging down(replace oxygen sensor). The camshaft lobes may be worn down and the valves aren't opening all the way(replace or regrind the cam). The catalytic converter or exhaust pipe could be clogged up with carbon. But keep in mind it is a Geo Metro, economy is the goal here, not performance...

I am having the same problem. Oil and fuel filters have been replaced and now will not accelerate at all. my mechanic says it is acting like an issue with the timing belt but the belt is fine and working properly. The computer diagnostics are fine as well. any ideas

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Q: Why would a 1996 Geo Metro have problems while accelerating and will not pick up speed?
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