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Yes almost all older appliences tend to make more noise unless it is a very strange, out of the ordinary noise

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Q: Why would a 26 year old maytag dryer make a loud noise while drying?
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Why is a washer and dryer unacceptable in the kitchen?

a washer and dryer is unacceptable in the kitchen because food cannot be handled in the kitchen while washing or drying

Why would a clothes dryer make a lot of noise?

What you are probably hearing is the flame, it is normal for the burner to make a whooshing noise while it is on. If the dryer is making a squeaking noise then it probably needs a belt or bearings.

What are the benefits of using a brush hair dryer?

The benefits of using a brush hair dryer is combining two different steps, the blow drying and the brushing, into one step. This method also helps keep hair neat while be dried.

Why does my Brother MCF 420CN printer make noise while it's turned off?

It's a maintenance thing, helps stop ink drying out

What are the different functions of a condensing tumble dryer?

One function of a condensing tumble dryer is that dry air is heated within it to dry the clothes inside. Instead of passing through a vent after that, the air is recycled back into the drying unit after the water has been removed. A secondary function of this type of dryer is that the hot air from the dryer will heat up the space around it while the dryer completes its cycle.

Is the material the stuffed toys are made with safe to be washed?

While the material in stuffed toys are safe for washing, a special effort to not put them in the dryer would be advised. Drying them could cause shrinkage and possible fire from getting to hot.

Can you dry microfiber in the dryer?

Microfiber is a composite blend of polyester and nylon fibers, both are materials currently used in all sorts of clothing. While it is possible to melt microfiber if it gets hot enough, caring for microfiber towels and clothing by drying them will not shrink or melt them.

What is the difference between evaporation and drying?

In evaporation water boils until it reaches it boiling point while drying just passage of heat until the substance get dried EVAPORATION IS PARTIAL REMOVAL OF WATER FROM THE COMMODITY .WHILE DRYING IS THE COMPLETE REMOVAL OF MOISTURE FROM THE COMMODITY..

Can cotton garment drycleaned?

Yes. Drycleaning doesn't cause shrinkage or fading. But white cottons that you have drycleaned regularly should be washed once in a while, to keep them bright, and HUNG UP to dry. Drying in the dryer (the combination of moisture, heat, and motion) is what usually causes shrinking.

Why wet clothes should be spread while drying?

we should spread our clothes while drying because evaporation happens quicker if the surface are is more and hence the clothes will dry much quicker

Substance that attracks dust while sweeping?

Dryer sheets

What is the difference between drying agent and dehydrating agent?

drying agent absorbs the water content while dehydrating agent lost the water content.