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Could be a broken motor mount Check exhaust system for broken hanger

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Q: Why would a Dodge Caravan clunk when I accelerate and decelerate?
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What causes a 2001 Dodge Caravan front end clunk?

Sway bar bushings

What causes a loud clunk in the front of your '96 Mazda when you are stopping?

Just out of curiousity, how is the transmission in this vehicle. Could the transmission be out of sync with the engine? This has happened to me when i had the transmission replaced in a dodge caravan, Good Luck

What makes the big clunk sound in the rear end when you accelerate after breaking?

Possibly a worn out universal joint.

What is the clunk when you accelerate?

Year, make, model, engine size, etc. does help. Possible engine mount, u-joint differential,trany, etc...

Why does the transmission clunk when shifting gears?

Are you sure it is the transmission that is clunking? It could be the u-joints on the drive shaft that are making the noise. When the u-joints on the drive shaft are bad, there is an audble clunk when you accelerate and when slowing down (basically the same motions you go through when shifting gears).

2000 Dodge Durango clunking sound?

When turning the wheel, a clunk means a tie rod or ball joint is worn out.

What causes a clunk on left turns on your dodge shadow?

Worn CVC joint. Could be bad struts causing the spring to bind. Depends how severe the clunk is. If it is struts, it sounds like the floorboard is getting hit by a sledge hammer.

My 168000 mile 1998 dodge grand caravan check engine light went on after a power surgeloss and the speedometer went up and down and finally all gears clunk is this a gear trans. or TCM problem?

If the gears are clunking in the transmission, this is a transmission problem in a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. The fact that the speedometer went up and back down suggests that the transmission slipped. It is more likely that a gear belt in the transmission failed, than something being wrong with the transfer case module or TCM.

What causes your neck to go clunk on rotation?

You're a clunk-head...

Allwheel drive mitsubuhi Montero clunk noise when you accelerate?

You most likely have a bad universal joint. This universal joint is located in the drive line of the vehicle and needs replaced as soon as possible.

How do you trouble shoot truck front end. Clunk when I brake and again when I accelerate from stop. it's a 96 dodge ram with diesel engine.4x4?

Could be ball joints.Dodge have been known to have premature ball joint failure. Have your front end suspension checked soon. Ball joint failure can lead to entire wheel coming off !! If it is clunking it is pretty close to failing !

What are Engine mount sounds?

Usually it sounds like a clunk. Put the car in drive, step on the brake pedal and hold it down while you slowly accelerate on the gas pedal. If the engine lifts to one side, your mount is broken.

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