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It's probably not getting enough fuel. Check the fuel filter but more likely the fuel pump.

In addition to lack of fuel it could be a monster vacuum leak. Does this condition improve as the engine gets to normal operating condition? I struggled with a leaky intake manifold gasket for two winter season. After six trips to local mechanics and as many reasons it was discovered at the local Lincoln

accident. Vehicle has 180k miles now and starts, idles like new

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Q: Why would a car stall when you step on the gas?
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Why would a car stall while getting gas?

A modern car's gas tank is designed to have pressure in it. If it does not have pressure, the car could stall. That is one way to keep gasoline from evaporating into the atmosphere.

Why does a car stall when you step on the gas?

Usually caused by one of two things: Lack of fuel or too much fuel.

What would cause a car to stall without any notice?

water in gas tank

Can gas freezing cause car to stall?

gas can't freeze

Why would a car stall when parking in a parking spot?

The most common reason for a car to stall is a lack of fuel. The gas tank could be empty or the fuel injectors. Need to be cleaned.

Will bad gas make your car smoke and stall?

It can.

What would cause a car to suddenly stall while on the freeway?

Running out of gas, timing chain breaks.

Would an old fuel filter cause your car to stall out then start but die again when you put on the gas?


Why would your 95 contour stall every time your foot is not on the gas?

My car has done the same thing and i found that old gas was the only problem

What would cause a car to idle but die when you step on the gas?

It could be need of a tune up or a gas filter.

What causes 1998 accord to stall?

A 1998 Honda Accord could stall because it is out of gas. The car could also stall because of a bad computer.

Why would a car stall when you push the gas pedal?

I would suspect a lack of fuel pressure, replace fuel filter, check fuel pump.

Why would your car stall when you turn off the ac?

Your mass airflow sensor could be bad or your exaust gas recirculation valve.

Why does diesel car stall on a hill?

ANY car will stall on a proper hill if you try to bring the clutch up without any revs generated from the gas pedal.

Why do my car stall while in motion?

problem with timing belt 0r car is overheating check thermostat....bad gas /water in gas

Why does car stall after gas has run out and refilled?

Clogged fuel filter, Replace the filter.

What are the current scrap metal prices in Georgia?

what causes my car to stall gas is accelerate

What does it mean when you step on the gas and your car turns?

you may nee to check the alignment of your tires...that would cause a car to drift to a certin side

Sugar water in a gas tank?

It might cause your car to stall depending on how much was put in.

Why would a car stall while turning?

Because the driver took their foot off of the gas and slowed down in a high gear. Or probably because they didnt push in the clutch. Either of those things can stall a manual transmission.

Why would you have to press on the gas of a fuel injected '86 Nissan 200SX for 5 minutes when starting or the car will stall?

I think your car has a carbruator and the problem is with the auto choke. Have someone look at it that is familiar with them.

Why does my car start then stall after running out of gas and refueling?

Because when your car runs out of gas there is no more gas in the fuel lines to run the motor so when you refuel it then start it there is nothing there to keep it running. The gas have to be pumped out of the tank and into the motor.

Why does your car stall when you press the gas pedal or you put it in reverse?

youre lifting the clutch up to quick

Why would your jeep stall in idle?

Usually, a jeep's engine stalls in idle mode because of a battery power fault or because there is no gas. However, it is common for any car to stall when it has not been running for a period of time and the engine is cold.

If a car hesitates and bogs down when you step on the gas What is wrong?

Its broke - get a new car