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Because he's lower than a snake's belly and his friends ARE NOT this girls friends either. Any guy/girl that was in that group and that has a conscience and a spine would have said it was not the right thing to do or turned around and walked away. If girls were involved in this group I would have approached the girl in question and told her to be careful with him because he wasn't on the up and up. Call me a rat or whatever, but I'd hate to see anyone (guy/girl) taken for a ride like this. It's not unheard of that some guys will do this and it's been happening for decades because I was brought up through the 50s and it was happening even then. Most of us just walked away and shunned the guy and we warned the girl.

2010-09-12 21:24:22
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Can you make a girl fancy you when she dosen like you?

______________________________________________________________ You can't make a girl fancy you. What you can do is become friends. Just be yourself. If she doesn't like you like that then try to start a friendship because that would make the girl see who you really are.

How can a very shy girl make friends?

Easy, be yourself but if they don't like you forget them. Sooner or later you will find some friends that would like you for who you really are.

How do you make a girl you like and friends with love you?

be normal

How do you get a guy you like to notice you?

Well I would suggest talking to him more and make friends with him. 95% of the time a girl and a guy are friends, they will end up going out.

How do you make your 2 best friends not like the girl you like?

Tell her they REALLY like her, but not as much as you.

If a girls friends dont like you and you think the girl might what do you do?

be friends with girl and not her friends friend or you could try and make her friends like you more. If that doesn't work, just don't worry about it, if the girl really likes you, it won't matter what her friends think. Hope this helps!

What would a girl look like if she likes a boy?

She would start looking pretty and cute and start flirting with the boy. also would try to always be next to him. She would also try to aked cool in front of him, like if she would be hanging out with her friends she would make fun of her friends just to make him laugh.:)

You like a girl but her friends dont like you what should you do?

Go for it but avoid her friends, they may make things bad for you because they hate you but you like her, noit her friends, they don't count. 177

How do you make girl friends?

Well!! just be nice and acting cool to the girl that you like, if she accept you then ask her out ^_^

Why do men not like girls?

Men do like girl they just don'tmake it obvious because then there guy friends would make fun of them i mean like lets just say u had a crush on this kid who was really nerdy but your friends did not like him but you did you would probably go along with your friends so you don't get in to a big fight.

You like this girl who your friends think is a loser how can you find out if she likes you without your friends find out or make it too obvious?

I would suggest inlisting the help of your friends. if they are real friends, they will help you get with this girl. they may freak out at first when you tell them, but if they are your real friends, they will understand and help you. if they make fun of you, then pursue her anyway. you shouldn't care what other people think of your likings and such. you should like who ever you want to, regardless of what they think.

What type of girl is Justin Bieber like to make friends?

girls with dicks

How do you get a girl that hates you to kiss you?

Well a girl that hates you wont kiss you. I am assuming that you like her. What did you do to make the girl you like hate you. I would think you would be nice to her. O.K. ill answer the question, you need to make her like you again. What ever you did that made her hate you make up for it. Gradually become friends. Let the 'sexual tension' build up between you. That would basically mean that she likes you. Eventually you will get to kiss her.

How do you hint that you like a girl?

There is no major reason to hint. If you and the girl you like are very good friends, tell her you like her. Chances are, she likes you too. I'm a girl and I always end up liking my best guy-friends. If you aren't friends yet, try to just be friendly and that will possible elevate to her liking you. If you are okay friends, just start doing favors for her or little things that would make her happy. (oh and hug her from behind, girls like that)

Why boys like to assume things if what the girl only wants is to become friends with them?

The normal expectation, at least among the heterosexual majority, is that if a girl just wants to be friends, she is always free to make friends with other girls. If she is making friends with a boy, she would be expected to have an interest in the masculinity of that boy.

How do make a girl attracted to you when you are a girl?

If she isnt attracted to females then i would give up. Ask her friends about what sort of person she wants to date then be that. Make her know that you like her, be kind, if shes sad make her laugh or smile but dont be obsessive

How do you make a 9 year in a half girl like you?

You have to become friends first and have self confidence in yourself then best friends

How should a guy ask a girl out on a date?

Well, if i was in your situation, i would make sure that the girl and i are good friends.. (that always helps first) and make sure nobody is there at the time.. ask to talk to her somewhere where there is less people. And i would just simply say that i like her alot and just say 'would you like to go out with me sometime' ... or anything like that!

How do you show a girl you like her but not make it obvious spectators and friends but making it Noticeable to her?

just look at her, and make agonolay that you like her. don't tell your friends! will be a big thing! Just be your self

How do you know if a guy likes you for you?

I am pretty shy when it comes to a girl that I like, despite being a person with constant verbal outbursts. When I am with a girl that I like, I try to ignore her in any way possible. It doesn't sound like it would make sense, but sometimes reverse psychology does work. Sure, I have no idea whether or not she likes me, even though she knows that I like her. It was obvious when she found out that I liked her. I told one of my girl friends (not girlfriends, but girl friends (girls who just happen to be my friend)) that I like this particular girl, and then I would ask them to tell her (and only her) that I like her.

How can a sixth grade boy like a girl in 4th grade girl?

It depends. It could be a little akward for the girl, and, generally your friends would probably make fun if they knew. It really just comes down to what you think! :)

Should you go to the prom with a boy?

As long as you have nice and pure friendship and you a girl, outgoing, and easy to make friends with, then yes would be "proper" As long as you have nice and pure friendship and you a girl, outgoing, and easy to make friends with, then yes would be "proper"

When a guy makes fun of a girl does he like her?

Sometimes a guy can/will be mean or make fun of a girl in front of friends, but if he acts differently by himself that will mean he likes the girl. (or that he's acting to fit in with friends.)

How do you Make a girl like you by just talking to her?

The key is to flirt. Be kind and friendly. Don't make fun of the girl especially her race, her hobbies, and her friends and family.

How can you make girlfriends?

Since I am a girl I would like the guy to talk to me first we could become friends then he could nicely say will u go out with me or will u be my girlfriend or anything like that