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A knight might spare another in battle for various reasons, such as showing mercy, honoring a code of chivalry, or recognizing a skilled opponent worthy of respect. The decision could also be influenced by factors like surrender or a change in circumstances that make further combat unnecessary.

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Q: Why would a knight spare another in battle?
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Who was somebody who helped a knight get ready for battle?

The Squire not only helped the Knight get ready for battle, but he also fought in battle with him. The Squire also went everywhere the Knight went to learn the values of Chivalry, and how to be a Knight, so when knighting season came the Squire would be Dubbed a Knight and he would be granted a Squire of his own.

What would a knight do in battle?

Protect the King at all cost.

When did the life of a knight start?

The life of a knight started at a very young age. From about 7-14 years old a son of a noble would live with another noble, and learn basic strategies. This is called a page. Then at about age 14, a page would become a squire and be an apprentice to a knight. Lastly, at about the age of 21, the squire would become a knight and fight in battle.

Who would win in a battle Meta night or Kirby?

Meta Knight.

What did a squrie do for the knight?

A squire served as a knight's apprentice, assisting with tasks such as caring for the knight's armor and weapons, accompanying the knight into battle, and learning the skills necessary to become a knight.

What did the knight wear during battle?

The night would were his stereotypical armour and ride a horse

What is the name or term used for the person who would help a knight get ready for battle?


Who is awesomer Eric cartman or Meta Knight?

If they were to both engage in battle, Meta Knight would win in less than 5 seconds. But as far as comedy wise... Cartman would be better. overall... Meta knight

What is a knights apprentice?

A knight's apprentice, also known as a squire, is a young man training to become a knight. They assist the knight in their duties, learn about chivalry and combat, and eventually undergo a ceremony to become fully recognized as a knight themselves.

What would a knight hate to forget to bring into battle?

Horse Shield Armor Helmet Sword

What would a knight hate to forget to bring to battle?

sword, helmet, shield, horse, armor

What is a knight in shining armor referring to?

A knight in shining armor is refering to the medieval ages when knights armor was cleaned and polished. When a knight would return from a battle or conquest, he could of been said to being a knight in shining armor.