Why would a man who is not in love with his wife have children with her?

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September 13, 2011 5:17PM

He sounds like an idiot for starters. If he doesnt love his wife

eventually the children will see this and they will not have a good

example for relationships. Maybe he does love his wife and is just

telling you that. Some people unfortunately when married think

having kids will improve the marriage. So very wrong it only

complicates things. Then others have a loyalty feeling or financial

limits that don't allow them to leave their spouses if they are

unhappy. So the live two lives. I myself would not want to be

sloppy seconds to anyone and you shouldn't either.

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If this is a married man saying this to a female other than his

wife, I would be very suspicious of that because it probably is a

lie. He is minimising the relationship in order to either cheat or

keep his lover (who he cheats with) on a string. If this sounds

like you, I would get out fast. He isn't going to commit.

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