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He sounds like an idiot for starters. If he doesnt love his wife eventually the children will see this and they will not have a good example for relationships. Maybe he does love his wife and is just telling you that. Some people unfortunately when married think having kids will improve the marriage. So very wrong it only complicates things. Then others have a loyalty feeling or financial limits that don't allow them to leave their spouses if they are unhappy. So the live two lives. I myself would not want to be sloppy seconds to anyone and you shouldn't either.

AnswerIf this is a married man saying this to a female other than his wife, I would be very suspicious of that because it probably is a lie. He is minimising the relationship in order to either cheat or keep his lover (who he cheats with) on a string. If this sounds like you, I would get out fast. He isn't going to commit.
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Why a married man would not love his wife?

AnswerBecause she's uglyAnswerBecause he loves himself more.AnswerA married man who does not love his wife would not deserve her either!He might have an affair. But a married man not loving his wife, is not worth having a wife.

Can a man really love his wife if he sleeps around with other?

No, He would be ungrateful if he did that.

Who gets hurt most when a man falls in love outside his marriage?

The wife and any children get hurt the most when a man falls in love outside of his marriage.ANSWER:I agreed it will be the wife and if they have children they will be affected to. And the worst scenario here is when this married man end up falling in love with his mistress, his marriage will be impossible to fix, no matter what he do. The mark is already given and the life will never be the same..

What does it mean when you find your man cheating?

he doesn't love you answer: The person is correct. The number one complain from a married man is all about " the wife doesn't fulfill his needs anymore", the wife is always busy with the house and their children. He feels that his marriage is locking and his getting bored. And the love he used to have for his wife is subsiding.

Why would a man imagine another woman when making love to his wife?

B C he is a pig

Who is next of kin if a married man dies in Calif His wife or children?

Wife, then the children. The children will get some amount of money though, the wife can't have it all.

What to do when in love with a married man?

I think you should vent to a friend. Think about what your chances are. Think about how he LOVES his wife, and betraying her would not only hurt her, but also the man you love.

If a mans wife had a girlfriend who was a narcissist and the man asked her for a date would she tell his wife?

First of all - why is a MARRIED man asking someone for a date? Narcissists love to hurt people - eventually she'd make sure the wife would find out.

Is the married man says that he didn't love his wife anymore means he didn't made love with her too?

No!!! This means that the married man "DID" made love with his wife, but now, the man did not make love with her anymore, maybe it is because his wife cause him "A LOT" of difficulties or he had difficulties in his job and he doesn't want his wife to be upset or he had fall in love with the other woman.

Why should a man have a wife?

A man shouldn't have to have a wife. That is just what we have been taught as the ultimate bond of love. Love comes in many forms though.

What is a wife meant for?

A wife is a companion for life for a man, as he is for her. She should love and be loved.

Do cheating husbands love their wife?

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think he will think of hurting her even betrayed her? I think not. For some married man who do cheat, their love for their wife is not the same anymore. For some married woman who ends up cheating, they also still love their husband but it was the husband who push the wife to go to another man.

Is it wrong to be in love with a married man and his wife is disabled?

The issue is not being in love with a married man, we all have fantasies and desires. The issue is ACTING or your thoughts and your love for the married Man. Even if his wife was not disabled it is still wrong to have relations with a committed man.

Why is your wife mean to you?

A wife should be much more than a woman who is just there. She should be a man's companion, the one thing that leads him to rise out of bed, to go to work, to do everything he does. A wife is to a man as the stars are to the sky, that the man with a wife is the man with everything. She is who bears his children. She is who kisses him gently, who helps him and at times annoys him. There are few things a man should love more than his wife, and if that's not the case then she is not the woman for YOU.

Can a married man and his wife be in love without sex?

I am sure, love isn't sex and sex isn't love. I am sure it would have a huge bearing on the relationship but I am sure you could be in love.

If a man breaks his vow with his wife and goes with another woman is his wife free to love another man?

that depends if his wife is ready to move on from the marriage.

Can a married man give up his rights to his children?

No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.No. As long as he is married he has a legal responsibility to his wife and children.

What do you do if you're dating a divorced man that claims to be in love with his ex wife of 18 plus years and says he will always be there for her can he really love somebody else?

If you're dating a divorced man that claims to be in love with his ex wife of 18 plus years then i don't think he would really love somebody else, because he still in love with ex wife. If i were to be in your situation, i would stop going out with this divorced man. First of all, he doesn't really seem to love you, he can't let go of her ex wife and you still going out with that guy. In my opinion, i wouldn't date a guy that still has love for his ex wife, while your dating him, he is not really taking your relationship in a serious way. In conclusion, if he is still claims to be in love with his ex wife, then why is he dating you? Doesn't make any sense.

If you separate from your husband and you have children is it okay to live at another man's house and have the kid's live there every other week knowing that this man is in love with your wife?


What if a married man tells his mistress he loves you what do you do?

ill try to figure out how he s in love with me and his wife too.cause if u really do love me like u say u do u would be with me and not ur wife

Should a man stay with his wife just for the children if his not happy?


How do you let your separated wife know you love her and want to be with her when she lives 1000 miles away with your 2 children?

you just be a man and say look baby i still love and im sorry can we work this

What to do if a man tells you he is in love with your wife?

you could either tell him to stay a way from your wife or for your wife to stay away from him

Does a man love his wife if he has an emotional affair?

Some men do. He can love his wife, but if she is not providing him with the emotional connection, then he may seek it elsewhere.

Should a man with children move out if wife is divorcing him?

Not without the children, or being ordered to by the court.