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Sandy perches are not good for parrots' feet! As a matter of fact, sand or sandpaper covered perches can actually produce sores on parrot's feet. Parakeets love to chew, especially wood. They will do this to sharpen their beaks or out of boredom. Try placing wooden toys around the cage. Also, try small "foot" toys - loose wooden toys that you place on the bottom of the cage that they can pick up and throw or carry around. If the problem persists try replacing the wooden perches with sand covered hard wood perches.("Sandy Perches") These are also good for the feet, beak, and claws.

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Q: Why would a parakeet nibble on its perch?
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What do you do if the parakeet is not standing on it's perch?

it may have crooked toes, so you should get a rope perch,it could be easier for your parakeet.

A sentence with perch in it?

The parakeet rested on his perch.The migrating birds decide to perch on a telegraph wire for a quick break.

How do you know if your parakeet is happy?

You can usually tell if your parakeet is happy because it will be singing and "dancing" (running back and forth across a perch, bobbing head, etc.). Sometimes a happy parakeet's pupils will dialate.

How do you tell if your parakeet is nice from the store?

It is very rare that a parakeet right from the store is going to be nice or even perch on you hand. It take a while for them to trust you. You have to prove to them that you are not going to hurt them.

What do you need to buy for a parakeet?

Parakeets need toys, a cage, food, perch, ladder, and food and water containers.

What is the plural of purch?

Perch? A fish? Plural would be Perch I believe. It would be plural from the sentence it is used in. I caught a Perch. I caught a few Perch. Perch as in a resting place for a bird I believe it would be perches.

What is a sentence for perch?

From this perch, we can see many perch in the stream.

When is a perch on a perch?

A perch could be on a perch after some sort of storm that would cause the perch to be blown from the water and into a tree or a telephone pole.

Why does your parakeet nibble on you?

If it is really hard and aggresive, it is probably angry or it feels invaded. If it is light and cutish, it is probably affection.

Why wont your parakeet eat your diariah?

maybe you have to watch your diet and eat better foods. then he might take a nibble, idk. try it.

Why do my parakeets keep pooping in the food bowl when it's above the perch?

Birds don't really control when or where they poop - they just, as Nike would say, do it. So if they are sitting on food bowl, that's where they'll 'go.' It's not uncommon for a parakeet to perch itself on the edge of its food bowl.

What is a sentence using the word perch?

(perch - to sit as on a branch, a high position, or a fish)"He expected the bird to perch in the old oak tree.""The perch was the perfect size for a parakeet.""When Scotland beat the English team, they dragged them down off their lofty perch.""Bill went fishing and caught two perch and a small trout."

Can a parakeet and a rat live together?

They can but i still think that the rat would attack the parakeet the parakeet would obviously poke its eyes out

Why does a parakeet perch on one foot?

When they rest, most of their body heat escapes from their feet (like our heads), so by keeping one up tucked under their feathers, they are preserving body heat while being balanced on the perch.

How would you put perch in a sentence?

"The perch was perfect for a nice bird".

What is another word for nibble?

synonyms for nibble would include: chew, nip, gnaw, or bite

When a pike and a perch mate do they produce a walleye?

No, the pike would eat the perch. Walleyes are large members of the perch family.

Is there any way to keep a parakeet cage a little bit warmer?

you can cover it with a blanket, put a spacer heater in the room or even Get a heated perch

My female parakeet laid its egg on the perch where she was sitting down it fell down and broke when will female parakeets lay their second egg?

usually in a week

Would a mustache parakeet keep talking if a budgie parakeet is in a separate cage?

not if there freinds

Is it normal for a parekeet to have red eyes?

This is normal, it just means that you have a LUTINO parakeet or an ALBINO parakeet. All LUTINO and ALBINO parakeets have red eyes, because they have have a large absence of melanin pigment, which is completely normal. Also, if your parakeet is white it is an ALBINO parakeet, but if you parakeet is mainly yellow it would be a LUTINO parakeet!

Why would a female parakeet attack another parakeet's eggs?

to make sure her young have a chance at survival

Is a yellow perch a herbivore?

a yellow perch would be an omnivour or carnivour they eat both they eat meat.

What would happen if a perch is placed in salt water?

There are certain types of perch that live in salt water, so in that case nothing would happen. However, if a fresh water perch was placed in salt water it would die. There are very few fish that can go between salt water and fresh water and perch is not one of them.

What are the signs your parakeet is dying?

Some signs that your parakeet is dying is their feathers start to thin out, it seems very sleepy, and the face might even be a pinkish color. The bird also might hang out on the bottom of the cage instead of its perch. If the bird shows these signs, it should be seen by a veterinarian.

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