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Why would a restaurant put a temporary charge on your credit card?


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Assuming that you are not a cheapskate, you will be leaving a tip. The restaurant only places the temporary authorization there to make sure enough available credit in place to cover the tip. Shortly after the credit card is closed out on their system, the authorization is removed. Usually when they batch their system (weekends can delay this).

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Depends on place restaurant is. In Europe it would usually be the Sous-Chef de Fromage.

No, it would be a violation of the merchant's agreement with the credit card company, and they would lose their right to accept that credit card.

It is legal, but against the Merchant Agreement that the club would of signed to process credit cards.

Most financial companies will not charge for loans for computers if you have bad credit. However, if you want to take a loan from a bank, they would ask you to apply for a traditional credit loan.

If the pre-payment charge is considerably less than would be the amount of interest that would be paid through the duration of the loan, then it could be beneficial financially, but might also have a minor and temporary affect on the borrower's credit score.

I would say about 3.00 for 3 pancakes. Charge 1.00 per pancake.

I run a putt putt golf course, which would probably be more equivalent of a fast food restaurant in terms of cash to credit. But we usually get 70% of revenue through cash and 30% through credit/debit cards.

Many restaurants now have portable credit processing machines that can be brought to your table. However if you are really that concerned you would be better to use cash.

Yes, but the card issuing bank would charge you over limit fee and other additional fees if you exceed your credit limit

Is there a new SC law on credit cards, that says that you cannnot charge anything under $10.00 with a merchant? The Woodhill Mall Post Office said that there was and would not allow a charge under $10

there is a charge did not make and it appeared on my debit i would like to be removed. how do i contact Apple I Tunes

If a person has a bad credit rating, lenders typically charge a higher rate than they would charge a person with a better rating. For example, if a person with 840+ credit got a rate a 4% for 100k over 30 years, a person with about a 650 rating might be offered a rate at 5% or higher.

You can use your credit card to charge items that are priced in different currencies. Most consumers who travel overseas do this. The exchange rate is factored, according to the contractual terms on your account, and your billing statement then shows the charge in U.S. Dollars. Whether or not there is an additional charge would depend upon the fine print in your contract. Contact your credit card company for the specifics.

Fees are typically based on a percentage of the credit card sale. This can range from 1-3% based on the company.

A "restaurant cover" is a table setting for one person to dine, therefore four people sitting at one table would be four "covers". Cover could mean an individual diner or the entire meal served to an individual diner. Do not confuse the term "cover" with "table" or "cover charge". A restaurant cover charge is a fee that is required to enter an establishment.

A credit card company can be sued if the company puts the charge on your bill. It is a civil matter and would be taken to small claims court.

I would charge it with Visa, it's more accepted around the word than any other credit card!

In English, you would say I arrived at the restaurant.

I would pay the collection account. Try not to let the account get that far that it becomes a charge off. It would be better to pay them all on time, of course. They both do damage to your credit. The charge off is normally paid less than the original charge. After paying, they both will show paid on your credit file if the companies filed them correctly. Make sure you have the company mail you a letter of Debt satifaction with a statement notifying the credit bureau. This is your responsibility to make sure it happens. Good luck..

There are very few companies that offer free loans for individuals with no credit. It would be best to get a personal loan from someone you know, as they will not charge interest.

Whether or not you can charge the credit card percentage to a customer depends on a number of issues. First does your agreement with the card company allow it. Second does the law allow it. And, how difficult would it be for you and the operation of your business. Can your cash register calculate the amount automatically?

A charge card you have to pay the full balance at the end of the month. You can buy as much as you want, but you must pay at the end of the month. A credit card will give you a limit of $xxxx and you can pay that off over years and build the interest until you can never pay it off. So essentially you can buy a yaht with a charge card but not a credit card. The downside to the charge card is the fact that if you cant pay up in full every month, they will gut you worse than a credit card would. Also, charge cards carry an annual fee for their generous rewards points and the risk they incur by backing you.

Some brokers do a "preapproval" without running your credit. They base their answer on how you deem your credit is. It is very irresponsible of a lender to do. In most cases the lender runs your credit early in the loan process. As a convenience to you, they do not charge you upfront. If they did, they would also have to collect upfront for the appraisal, title work, automated underwriting findings, processing, underwriting, etc. Rather than charge you as each of these costs are incurred, the lender will normally collect most of these fees at closing.

I would definitely believe so, though there are different types of cards available and different charge limits based on credit score. However, for the most part it requires a 640 credit score (620 in some places) to obtain a home loan, so I don't see why there would be an issue in getting a credit card with a 639.

The best credit cared rate means that the APR is low and does not charge much yearly. It is a standard way to say how much the credit card would cost and explain the annual percent rate.

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