Why would a shotgun not eject the fired shell?

Mary Ann, I assume the shotgun you are refering to is a of the semi-auto flavor. If so your problem could be anything from just needing a good cleanig, to a pitted chamber or ammo that is to low powered. You could try detail stripping the gun for a serious cleaning or if this is beyond your skill level I would recommend taking it to a good gunsmith or armorer.


Mike, it is possible that you have a broken or missing extractor.


Mary Ann - Check the yellow pages for a gunsmith. He can tell you what parts you need and get them.

I have the same problem with my Remington 870 lefty. Although, my shells wouldn't eject when the gun was brand new and out of the box. When my barrel was machined at the factory, grooves were left in the first inch of the chamber. When the shell was fired the brass casing would expand and grab onto these grooves. I would tug so hard on the pump handle to eject the fired shell that ejector pin would rip the rim off of it.

An entire afternoon with 220 grit sand paper will fix the problem.