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Why would a shotgun not eject the fired shell?


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Mary Ann, I assume the shotgun you are refering to is a of the semi-auto flavor. If so your problem could be anything from just needing a good cleanig, to a pitted chamber or ammo that is to low powered. You could try detail stripping the gun for a serious cleaning or if this is beyond your skill level I would recommend taking it to a good gunsmith or armorer.


Mike, it is possible that you have a broken or missing extractor.


Mary Ann - Check the yellow pages for a gunsmith. He can tell you what parts you need and get them.

I have the same problem with my Remington 870 lefty. Although, my shells wouldn't eject when the gun was brand new and out of the box. When my barrel was machined at the factory, grooves were left in the first inch of the chamber. When the shell was fired the brass casing would expand and grab onto these grooves. I would tug so hard on the pump handle to eject the fired shell that ejector pin would rip the rim off of it.

An entire afternoon with 220 grit sand paper will fix the problem.


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Its quite simple as that it ejects the shotgun shell out of the gun after it has been fired but this depends on the type. A double or single barrel shotgun would only eject the shells when u hit the release mechanism to reveal your side of the barrel then they eject out.On any other type shot gun where u load 8 or have a clip they generally fling out the side when re-cocked or if automatic they do this automatically. Hope i helped

The same as is it was fired from a gun, except the explosion would be broader.

The Turkish Khan Centurion Shotgun is not designed to eject fired shells, but only extract them. The Turks are a thrifty people and many reload their own shotsells. I have lived among the Turks and gone hunting with them, in particular Wild Boar hunting. The Turkish country people hunt the Wild Boar with their own reloads of buckshot, because the Turkish Government frowns on the sale of buckshot shells or rifle cartridges. The people melt down bird shot and cast buckshot, which they reload. They would not think of eating a pig, ( domuz in Turkish ) but hunt them because of crop damage. A shotgun which ejects and throws the fired hulls all over the place is considered undesirable by the Turks. --- Joe Boyd ---

It unlocks the gun from being 'in battery'. It is the equivalent to throwing a bolt up in a bolt action gun, unlocking the action. If you had a shotgun with the slide unlocked and fired it, the equal and opposite reaction from firing the shell would propel the forstock backwards, and some or much of the shot and the explosion from the shot would exit from the ejection port of the gun or from the bottom where the shell elevator is. Once the trigger has been released (ie pulled) the slide is automatically unlocked.

Steel or lead pellets... you know, the stuff they already come loaded with.

I would use any shell except steel shot shells in your 1961 vintage browning shotgun.I would check to see if your chamber is for 2 3/4in shells,or for 3in.shells.Other than that I would use whatever shell fits the game that you expect to hunt.

If a shell is fired from the ground with velocity of 1600 m and an angle of 64 to the horizontal then it would have a horizontal rang of 55.0. This is considered math.

The main 2 reasons would be that your Browning auto-5 shotgun needs a good cleaning of the chamber and gas system,or your shotgun has a broken ejector/or extractor.This 2nd reason would require a gunsmith to repair.The first reason you may do yourself,or take it to a gunsmith and have him determine the overall problem.

It all depends on the model your looking at. So, to make it simple, elaborate. My pump action M56A uses airsoft shotgun shells, that act as magazines. So in a real shotgun, when the shell of a shotgun is fired, the Shell ejects, and the bb's fire. In an airsoft shotgun, depending upon the model, a shell shotgun fires 1 or 3 bb's, and without ejecting the shell, you pump again, causing more pre-loaded bb's into the chamber. But in some Airsoft shotguns, they use Magazines. You insert the magazine into the underside of the gun, and when you re-pump, bb(s) load into the chamber. That would be the logical answer. You used the word "Have". Do i "have to use shells". There are magazine alternatives, and you can always do it the good old fashion manual loading method. You could "screw" the loading mechanism, and manually force the bb's into the chamber. Not recommended. Any more questions, email me.

Depending on condition and wether or not it has shell ejectors the value would be betwenn $500-$2600.

it is not safe to fire 16 gauge shell in anything but a 16 gauge.No shells will interchange with other gauge guns since a 16 gauge shell would fit in a 12 gauge chamber, I would think you can do this.

My first guess would be that it needs a real good cleaning, this is a gas operated and not a recoil action. They haven't made them in about 50 years there might be a bit of junk in there ;) Remember this is also Remington's first gas operated shotgun it and there have been a lot of improvements it won't be as forgiving as modern versions.

You may have a broken extractor.broken ejector of both on your rifle.I would surely take your rifle to a qualified gunsmith to identify and fix the problem.

Cut off the top of the shell, remove the shot and the wad, then pour out the powder. Though, I don't know why you would want to.

NO!!! A 12 gauge shotgun takes only 12 gauge shells. A 20 gauge shell would fall into the barrel and get stuck about half way to the muzzle. You would be in for a nasty surprise when you put a 12 gauge shell behind it and pulled the trigger!!!

best take it to a gunsmith. could be several reasons for failure to eject. gunsmith would find the problem.....................

your Winchester model 1300 in unfired condition would be worth between 300-350 dollars.

Mr. Underwood reveals himself in a nearby window with his double barrell shotgun incase anything got wrong

I had one that was made where you would slide the barrel into the receiver and it would slam fire a shell. I think it was made to airdrop in the phillipenes.

A .410 shotgun is close to .45 caliber and a .30 caliber projectile would tumble in the bore. You are not likely to even be able to chamber the round, and even if you managed to do so, it would be unsafe due to higher pressures in rifle cartridges.

I would use a 308 or 30-06 rifle!! ---------------------------------------------- 12 or 16 ga. - 00buck or 000buck or rifled slug. Few would use anything else.

Would like to know the value of a 1300 stainless marine 12 gauge shotgun. Fired 5 rounds. Purchased new 1985. Shell capacity 6-23/4or 5-3" .Barrel length 18", Overall length 385/8". Length of pull 14",drop at comb 13/8", drop at heel 23/4" Approx wgt 7 lbs...add one pound for shell in chamber. Excellent condition..

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