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Just read this question back to yourself and you answer your own question you dumped her which hurt her and possibly broke her heart and you didn't treat her well in your relationship which also hurt her and broke her heart I wouldn't want to be near you I wouldn't give you the time of day so get over it and learn from your mistakes...treat the next one better...Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 04:32:52
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Q: Why would a woman seem like she wants to be nowhere near you when you run into her after you dumped her and didn't treat her well?
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How do you tell your boyfriend you want him back?

If you dumped him just tell him you weren't thinking clearly when you did that and didnt think about how much you really cared for him. If he dumped you then the only thing to do is tell him plain and clear you want him back but then after that it's his decision if he wants to get back with you or not. (:

Why wants a crush who dumped you to make you jealous-does he wants you back?

That means that he wants you back but you get a guy and make him jealous

How do you get dumped?

Your partner has to decide whether or not he wants to be with you. Just a heads up, don't try to purposely get dumped because that doesn't do you any good.

What is the meaning behind silly boy by Rihanna ft Lady Gaga?

silly boy isn't actually by rihanna and lady gaga but by Eva simmons in my opinion its about this guy who didnt treat her right and wants her back but she is over him and wants him to get out of her face (:

What to do if your in love with a boyfriend who dumped you for another girl but now wants me back?

Find another boyfriend. He dumps you then wants you back. you can do better than that.

If a guy likes you and still does not know what he wants after being dumped should you ask him out or be patient when we already went further than just kissing I was dumped too n still guarding heart?

be patient, if he wants to date you he will just in time though

Guy calls you after he dumped you?

He wants to know if your ok from the break-up, which in my opinion he still cares about you.

How do you know if your ex-girlfriend wants you to ask them out again if they dumped you because they didnt have enough time but said that SOON in the future you might be able to get back together?

if they're giving you attention and flirty towards you, then go for it. if its mixed signals, just ask her what she wants. it does not hurt to ask. taking a risk and getting hurt, it teaches you what you deserve.

Ex boyfriend wants me back but Im in another relationship now what shall you do?

Well if you dumped him then remember why you dumped him. If he dumped you, then remember that he thought for what ever reason you were not good enough for him, so why should you give yourself back to him. If I were you I would tell him to F off.

Why your ex girlfriend says she love you?

If it was you who dumped her then she obviously still loves you and wishes you haddn't. If it was the other way round then she regrets the fact she dumped you and realises she made a mistake and wants to date you again.

What does it mean when your boyfriend always dumps you then ask you back out?

When he dumped you he may think that a certain girl may make him look 'cool' or make him more 'popular' the girl may not like him or treat him right and dump him. He then realises that he wants you. Maybe he gets jelous if his friends are not in a relationship and wants to do what they are doing. Dont let him walk all over you though!:-)

Should you get back with your boyfriend after he dumped you two days before you were due to move in together but who now wants you back?

ok no you should not. if he dumped you its his fault. he probaly saw another girl that he liked better then u and he probaly thought that she would go out with him but instead she rejected him and now wants u back.

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Why does my cat lay on its side all the time when it didnt used to and act depressed?

because it wants some attention/\or wants to be rubbed

How do you know if your guy is using you?

Answer If all he wants to do is have sex, he takes you nowhere, he doesn't take you with him when he goes with his friends, then there's a good chance that he only wants you for what he can get and nothing more.

How important is it to treat the environment with care?

That depends on what God wants to do with the world.

You like this girl and she likes you to what shoul you do?

Ask her out and treat her with respect. If she texts you, text her back. If she wants to hang with you, hang with her. If she wants to talk to you, talk to her. If she wants to hug you, hug her. If she wants to hold your hand, let her. Just because she's yours at the moment, doesn't mean she will be in the future. Treat her right or someone else will.

Is someone a true friend when they are dating for ex boyfriend?

First, do they know that he is your ex- boyfriend? If they do then that doesn't mean they are not a true friend. You dumped him (or he dumped you) right? Then she(your friend) can date him if she wants to. You and your ex are over, so why does it matter who comes and dates him next?

What is it called when you're with someone and no one wants you to be?

Jealousy? If no one wants you to be with that person they are jealous or they are worried that person is not going to treat you right.

Can a girl be mean to you because you didnt ask her out and why?

No probably not she would flirt with you and show you she wants you to ask her out

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how to keep a girl-friend?

Treat her like she wants to be treated

What should you do to treat a virgin girl?

Treat? I assume you mean to lose her virginity.Well, first you need to know whether she wants to lose her virginity. As a biromantic asexual, I don't want to have sex at all or lose my virginity because I just don't want to.If she wants to let you "treat" her then you can if you want, but keep in mind:Not everyone wants or needs to be "treated" for something that is not a problem.

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Trust me, you will know if she wants one. All you gotta do is look out for the signals. She wouldn't be your girlfriend if she didnt want to kiss you anyway.