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Possibly a problem with one of your belts?

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Q: Why would an engine smoke and smell like burning rubber?
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Why does a car have white smoke come out of engine and smell like a burning rubber?

because the fan belt is burning

Why are dogs scared of smoke?

because of the strong smell of the smoke and they hate it more if rubber is burning

Have recently changed brake discs and pads but there is a rubber burning smell and smoke near the 2 front tires on 206?

A rubber burning smell and smoke near your two front tires could be the result of sticking calipers. The brake line could also be the cause of the burning smell.

What do you smell when you roast marshmallows?

you smell a smoke smell or a burning smell. it does not smell bad tho. :)

What does the word acrid mean?

sharp or biting to the taste or smell bitterly pungent irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: acrid smoke from burning rubber.

White smoke under the middle of vehicle and burnt smell from under the hood?

Sounds like you have a blown headgasket or cracked head. The smoke and smell is likely the oil leaking from your broken engine and burning off.

What does fire smoke smell like?

It would depend on what is burning.

What smell does a volcano make?

probably a smokey smell because of all the smoke that is formed from the volcano erupting. A burning smell is essentially a smokey smell as the rock is hot and technically burning.

Is a burning smell and white smoke coming from a hot engine in a 1987 Honda Accord serious?

It's very possible. I would definitely take it to a mechanic and get their opinion. Burning smells and smoke can be a sign of overheating, which can severely damage your motor.

What colour smoke is made if an engine is running ritch?

If an engine is running rich, it is receiving and burning too much fuel and that will yield black smoke. If an engine is somehow burning oil, that will yield white smoke.

What causes smoke to come from the wheels?

Burning rubber, or screeching the tires, and then accelerating.

Is smoke formed from burning rubber a physical change?

Yes, it is a chemical reaction.

What causes blue smoke from a diesel engine?

Blue smoke is burning oil.

Why do cars burn rubber?

Burning rubber is slang for spinning the tires. The rubber burns due to friction which causes heat which melts the rubber and causes it to smoke.

Why do you have smoke belching cars?

An internal combustion engine works by burning chemicals, the result of burning is the smoke and residue, that is how they work.

What was the cause of the smell from the burning smoke in the boy and the stripped paJAMAS?

The smell was dead bodies being burned to ashes

Is smoke from burning rubber a chemical change?

Yes, combustion is always a chemical change.

Is smoke formed from burning rubber a chemical change?

yes i lerned it last year

What does it mean when your car has white smoke coming out of the front driver side it smell like burning rubber and it won't wont speed up as fast as it used to onn the highway?

White smoke is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber or leaking onto the exhaust and burning. Coolant in the combustion chamber is almost always cause by a blown head gasket or cracked head. This will destroy your engine if you continue to drive it.

Just had a gasket replaced in my engine and all of a sudden white smoke is coming from my engine and I am loosing engine coolant no burning smell though what could it be?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking allowing coolant into combustion chamber

Your car engine has smoke coming from it What is the problem?

Blue smoke, burning oil. (tired) White smoke, burning coolant. (bad head gasket) Black smoke, excess gasoline (flooding).

Why does air conditioner smell like smoke when turned on?

An air conditioner should not smell like smoke when turned on (or when turned off). I would have to suspect that the electrical insulation is burning.

Why does you car have blue smoke out the exhaust?

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

When air conditioner is turned on smoke comes from under hood. it has a burning rubber smell. temperature gauge remains steady and car stops smoking as soon as the air conditioner is turned off.?

What most likely is happening is the A/C compressor has gone bad and its not able to turn when it is switched on. The burning rubber smell is probably the belt sliding across the compressor pulley that's not turning.

Is the smell of burnt plastic harmful?

If you can smell burnt plastic then you could potentially be in danger. Smoke from burning plastic can be harmful to breathe.