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Why would new wipers squeak when it rains but not when the windshield is dry?

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2006-04-01 01:42:47
2006-04-01 01:42:47

my first quess is that when the glass is dry, the friction caused by the dry glass and the blade actually slows the blade down enough so that it doesn't skip, skip, skip. kinda like bouncing from one spot to another. when your windshield is wet; however, the friction is less and the wiper motor makes the blade move faster. if the tension on the blade is too high, the blade will stick, release, stick, release, etc. thus causing a "Squeak" or sputter. May want to try loosening up the tension spring just a hair, then spray your sheld with the hose and try it until the blades work just right. You may also just need new blades. should be about $40 for a good complete set.

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If your windshield wipers are not working, you should check your owners manual. It could be a fuse or another easy fix.

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Well, I would recommend taking the windshield wipers off, and then try re-attaching it to the windshield. However, there is also the option of checking to see if the attachment is attached properly in the first place.

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