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You need to go to a brake specialist. It sounds like a pinched brake line. For the tire spinning ... what are the road conditions? Maybe your other axle isn't turning, or is broken somewhere. Or out of the tranny. you may need a new bearing. if that is so you could be driving and the tire could come right off. go to an auto shop and get it looked at. Also, consider having your foot checked for excessive weight.

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Q: Why would one tire spin uncontrollably?
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Is it normal for one tire not to spin in snow?

yes if you have an open differential

Which one would be the heavier tire air tire or punctured tire?

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How do you tell if you have a limited slip differential?

Jack up the which ever end is in question to get the tires off the ground. Put the transmission in neutral and spin one of the tires by hand. If the opposite tire spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential. If the opposite tire spins in the opposite direction, you have an open rear end. just pull the automobile off to the side of the road with one rear tire in the grass or mud and the other tire still on the road. now mash the gas and spin the tires if it's a open rear end then the tire in the grass or mud will spin only. if it's a limited slip it won't spin at all.

What is posi traction?

that means that you have power to both tires in the back. this is really important if one tire get stuck in lets say mud and one tire isnt. both tires will spin out independently so you will get more traction and get yourself out instead of just one tire peeling out in the mud

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Chevys around that year model have a lot of trouble with the front bearings. jack it up and spin the tires by hand. If one or the other doesn't spin freely, you have a bad bearing. Also, if it's a 4x4, engaging the front differential and making a turn will cause the outside tire to slip and bounce. That's normal on a 4x4.

What wheels are powered in Honda civic Are both wheels involved in driving the car Will power shift to the other wheel if one tire is stock in the snow?

Majority of the power goes to the passenger side front tire and when stuck in snow one tire will spin and the other will not get any power. Source: personal experience

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