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If the blower motor randomly and intermittenly quits and does not work, chances are good the blower motor itself is faulty, if the blower motor does not work on all fan speeds from low through high, it most likely needs a blower motor resistor.

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How do you fix blower fan for Heat and AC on 2000 Chevrolet Impala it comes on sometimes or when you tap hard on the dash. When turn the blower on it sometimes don't work and then odd day it will work?

I would look into the blower motor resistor module

Why would the blower motor not work on a 1995 Cadillac Deville?

The blower motors only work with the engine running. If the blower motor has three wires on the electrical plug, then the blower motor module is built into the unit & it's very expensive. Sometimes, you can tap on the motor with a hammer & it may work or slowly turn. If this is the case, replace the blower motor.

Why would the blower fan on a 1991 Buick Lesabre not work?

Many reason: blown fuse. seized motor. Faulty switch. Broken wires. Failed ballast resistor pack. These are the 5 i think most likely.

Why wont the blower motor work on my 95 Bonneville it will work sometimes but not all the time what could be wrong with it?

Blower motor control relay under dash behind blower motor is bad or has water in it from cabin filter port.

What would cause a blower to not work in a 1999 Buick?

Check the fuses first and the blower relay.

Why will the air conditioning and heating blower fan on the 2002 buick lesabre not work?

Could be a blown fuse. Make sure the blower motor is not burnt out. Could be a bad relay switch. Make sure your dash controls are working properly.

I have a 96 blazer sometimes the blower works for the heater. while the heat is on and i am driving i will hit a bump in the road and it will work. but when i stop and shut car off it doesnt work?

try wiggling the wires at the blower resistor if don't work then tap on blower motor

What would cause blower motor to work on high only on a 2002 Dodge Durango?

I would suspect the blower motor speed resistor is bad.

What would cause the blower motor on a 2002 Malibu to work only at high speed?

I would suspect the blower motor speed resister is shot.

What causes the AC Heater blower on a 1990 Le Baron to work intermittently Sometimes works great then will shut off and not work for a while?

First thing to check would be all your connections..make sure you have a good clean ground... if all your connections are good then i would say your blower motor is overheating and shuting down(replace it)

What makes your 2001 Honda Passport blower motor not work sometimes and work fine other times?

Bad ground? or a loose connection.

What else would stop a blower motor from changing speed 1234speed dont work?

If you only have high speed I would blame the blower speed resister. If you have no speeds and the fuse is good, I would blame the blower motor or the switch.

What causes the gas meter not to work in a 97 lesabre Buick?

97 lesabre buick gas meter doesn't work can we fix it?

What would cause air conditioner blower to work sometimes?

Start with: Possible control, blend door or blend door actuator, low pressure switch, leak in system.

Why would the heater not work in a kia?

Replace the resister, if that doesn't work replace the blower motor.

What would cause the blower motor on a 2001 Malibu to work only at high speed?

Probably a bad blower motor resistor

Will a 1992 Buick lesabre cassette radio fit work in a 1994 Buick lesabre?

Yest, the Buick LeSabre from 1992-1994 is the same exact car, inside, outside, underside. Everything is identical, except say for the trim packages and options you get on them. Therefore, yes the cassette radio from a 1992 LeSabre will work in a 1994 LeSabre.

Why does the heater blower work on 3.4.5 but 1 and 2 don't work?

its the blower resistor.

What causes the AC Heater blower on a 1997 Tahoe to work intermittantly Sometimes works great then will shut off and not work for a while?

check the wireing harnesses

What would cause the blower on an 02 Toyota Echo work only sometimes?

Same thing happened to my car. The blower motor and the resistor had to be replaced. It cost me . The dealer actually had the parts in stock because it happened frequently enough with the Echo that he wanted the parts on hand. If it is your problem, you may be lucky enough to find a rebuilt blower motor.

Why the Blower motor not work on high speed on a jimmy 97?

If the blower works on slower speeds only I would suspect the high speed blower motor relay (under the hood in the power distribution box) or the switch itself. The blower speed resistor is working if all the slower speeds work.

Why would new Nissan blower motor not run?

It might be your resistor, does it work on 4 but not on 1,2,3? If so, you need a new blower motor resistor.

Your heat and air only work in the high position?

your blower motor resistor is most likely failing. sometimes that's an indication of a failing blower motor, but typically, it's a resistor module failure

Why would a 1989 LeSabre not go into reverse sometimes have to put the car in neutral push the accelerator then put it in reverse and it will work how can this be fixed?

add atf. take to local oil change place have them drain and replace filter and fluid.

What would cause the heater blower not to work on a 1995 Ford Van?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, defective blower motor, a bad switch, or disconnected or loose wiring.