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Q: Why would someone live in Flagler County?
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Where did Henry Flagler live?


Where is the best place i to find someone to fix water damage In Orange county?

There are many reputable companies in Orange County that would be able to fix water damage for you. It would also depend on which state you live in because there is an Orange County in several states. The best place to look would probably be the yellow pages.

What county do you live in if the zip code is 75034?

Counties are DENTON, TX, and COLLIN, TX

A farmer who wanted to grow sugar cane would most likely live where?

They would live in a tropical county

What type of court has jurisdiction when you sue a US county?

If you live in the same state as the county that you wish to sue, then the state court would have jurisdiction. If you live in a different state, then it would become a federal issue.

Can you sue someone in New York if you live in California?

Yes, but you must sue them in the state court in the county where they reside.

Why Three reasons people would want to live in orange county?

because why not

What county do you live live in if you live in Lewisham?

London. When you're filling out a form and asks you for Town and County, the Town is Lewisham and County is London.

What county did the Sappony Indians live in?

The Sappony Indians live in Person County, NC and Halifax County, VA.

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Northeastern Clinton county

What county do you live in?

Northeastern Clinton county

Can you buy beer in South Carolina on Sundays?

i think it depends on what county you live in. i live in spartanburg county and on Sunday we need to travel out of the county to get our beer. i think your best bet would be to stock up on Saturday, regardless of where you live. better safe than sorry, right?