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Why would the 4 wheel drive not engage on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500?


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2005-04-28 09:51:43
2005-04-28 09:51:43

Check to see that the wheels are locked don't bother to see if the wheels are locked your truck does not have manual locking hubs. it is an automatic system which uses a vaccuum to engage the front axle. if you look at the back side of the axle you will see a few wires going to the right side. if this system is not engaging the front axle then you will not have four wheel drive as long as you have an open differential in the front. if you have a locker or a limited slip in the front then you should still have 3 wheel drive with the drivers side front being the only one turning. if this isn't the case then your transfer case is probably the culprit.


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probably a vacuum system leak. Older dodge trucks had the front transaxle engage by a vacuum line. Make sure your pump is working, and that there are no leaks. Then it should engage

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If it has 4-wheel drive you would see controls on the dash to engage 2-wheel high, 4-wheel high or 4-wheel low.

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on almost any automatic 4 wheel drive the gears that engage the hub could be stripped out or stuck cause if you know what the gears that engage the wheel than you would know that they are fradgile lookin but that is what im thinkin it is cause that's what happened to my truck so you probally need some manual hubs to make sure they always work or the problem might be that your transmissoin to the front wheels might be jacked up I don't know Fords that well, but many 4 wheel drive use a small motor basically to engage the 4 wheel drive. These can go bad or become stuck. If you engage the 4 wheel drive with a switch, it is this type. Could be the motor, the switch, fuse.

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No! a 1987 cutlass is rear wheel drive, the van is front wheel drive....wrong offset.

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