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first check for voltage to the light . If it is ok, check for the ground.

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Q: Why would the dome lights on a 1999 full size Dodge Van not work?
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Which fuse would the dome lights be under on a 1999 Tahoe?

it should be the 4th one

What electrical system does relay 13 on a 99 Dodge Grand Caravan control?

Dome lights

You have no dome or interior lights in your 2006 dodge charger?

check for a blown fuse in the fuse box.

What does an iod fuse do for a 2005 dodge pickup?

It powers interior items such as dome lights and radio memory.

Why would the dome lights work when manually put on but not ON the entry delay switch on a 1999 Tahoe?

there should be a button on your dash next to the scroll type dimmer switch that activates the dome lights....that switch is a (either or type) switch that allows you to either have the dome light come on when you open the doors or not to come on.....Look in your owners manual

How do I get the dome lights in a 2004 Lincoln LS to turn off?

dome lights stays on

How do you reset the breaker for the dome lights on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500?

The circuit breaker is self resetting. you may have a short in the wiring.

Is there a relay that turns the dome lights on and off on a 1999 Dodge full size van?

Hey Dude: You can turn your dome light off in your van by turning your headlight switch (or dimmer switch ) all the way to the right. Left turns on your dome light, so go the opposite all the way till it clicks. It will now stay off when your door opens. .

Does 1999 Saturn SC1 have a fuse for dome light and map lights?

Yes, all electrical parts in the vehicle are fused.

What is an i.o.d. for a dodge pick up?

Ignition off draw fuse/circuit It is used for dome lights, radio memory, etc.

Which fuse or fusible link is the correct one to change if the dash lights are out on a 1999 Maxima if it is not labeled dash lights?

check the dome light fuse that could be the problem.......or interior fuse Instrument lights.

Why does the inside dome lights stay on after the doors are closed on a 1999 grand prix?

you either have a bad door switch, any of them could be bad. or you have the lights physically turned on at the switch.

Where is the lighter fuse located on a 1999 Audi A4?

It maybe a 'shared' fuse that is called 'acc' or with the horn, dome lights, etc.

Why does the dome light override switch on a 1999 Chevy Suburban drain the battery?

Either the switch was left in the wrong position, or the thing is defective. The dome lights draw enough current to drain the battery overnight.

How can I install undercarriage lights so that they turn on with my dome lights in a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

You can install undercarriage lights to have them turn on with your dome lights on a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox by installing the LED tailgate light bar.

Why do interior lights stay on constantly on your 1999 Tahoe?

The dimmer switch has a setting which turns on the dome light. Just after turning it to high you should be able to 'click' it into the position required for the interrior lights. The dimmer switch has a setting which turns on the dome light. Just after turning it to high you should be able to 'click' it into the position required for the interrior lights.

How do you disconnect the interior lights on a 1999 Honda Accord LX so they do not come on when a door is left open?

The dome light has a switch that has an off position. Any other lights you can simply remove the bulbs.

Why do the inside dome and door lights stay on when the doors are closed on a 1999 Grand Prix?

This was supposed to be for your safety and convenience once you entered the vehicle. The lights should turn off when you turn the ignition on. If not, then try adjusting the dimmer switch for the dash lights.

What are interior lights?

Lights inside the car. Dome light, courtesy light, etc.

Is there a fuse for the dome light of a Dodge Caravan?


How do you get the dome lights and door lights to turn off in your 2001 jetta while you're driving it and the dome light switch is in the off position?

Try closing the doors?

Does a car burn more gasoline when its lights are turned on?

head lights, dome lights, blinkers, any light.... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

1996 dodge ram 1500 radio dome lights side mirrows and buzzers not working?

check for water corrosion in the module terminals in left kick panel under dash

You lost the radio door locks and dome lights all at the same time on your 1994 dodge caravan can anyone tell you why?

Refine question Is there aftermarket alarm, remote strat, etc.?

Why are all the lights on your tracker when in drive?

you didn't say which lights. is the switch on the dome in the right position