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I average 7L per 100 KM with mine. 70% is highway.

2008-01-16 17:09:18
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Will the doors from a 2001 civic fit on a 2000 civic?

not really it's not the same fram

Why is George Washington considered to be a civic hero?

The man really, really loved his Honda. And he could not lie!

How do you reset the clock on a Honda Civic?

There really is no need to "reset it". on my 95 civic, you push and hold down the H for hours and M for minutes.

Honda Civic esi fuel consumption?

i get about 12 KMs per Litre of 95 premium.. presently trying different pumps to see the optimised consumption.. i wanna clock atleast 15 kmpl (my one is a turbo charged engine )

Is 20w 50 a good oil for Honda civic 1999 driven in Jamaica?

yes since most crvs has a different consumption of oil in different climates

What is the price range for a 2007 Honda Civic SI?

The price range for a 2007 Honda Civic SI can really vary depending on it's features and mileage. Kelly Blue Book has the 2007 Honda Civic SI at about $12,000.

Which company manufactured the Civic EG6?

The company that manufactured the car, The Civic EG6 would have the be the best company in the world, Honda. They really do make great cars over there.

What is a palindrome for relating to government or citizenship?


How many gallons of coolant in a Honda civic?

You really only need to put in one gallon of coolant in a Honda Civic at a time. However, some will take more than one gallon.

Is there really a civic music road or is that just there commercial advertisement?

Yes, the road is in Lancaster, CA. -jrb

What is an EJ1 Civic?

ej1 is civic ex ej2 is civic dx

Are 00 civic parts interchangeable with 04 civic?

can you interchange 00 civic parts with 04 civic parts

Why is a Honda Civic called a Honda Civic?

cause its a civic that Honda makes

Is civic a noun?

No. It's an adjective. e.g. the civic hall, the civic centre.

Upper radiator hose is leaking on a 1997 Honda Civic?

There's a question mark there but that's not really a question.

Which is faster 200sx or civic?


What is wrong with your Honda Civic lx?

Honda civic Lx 2000 wont start it was idling really low it just turn off on me now it wont start it cranks over like wants to start but nothing

What is meaning for civic status?

civic status

Which is a Better engine in 1995 civic or 1999 civic?

1999 civic, has better fuel efficiency.

Community volunteering is an example of which type of civic action?

I really dont know but i think jury duty could be one

What has the single biggest impact on fuel consumption?

Driving habits - the harder you accelerate, the more fuel you burn. A pickup truck driven carefully will get better gas mileage than a Honda Civic that is hot dogged.

What are the pros and cons of a 2009 Honda Civic according to the Edmunds website?

The pros of the Honda Civic on the Edmunds website are that the car can be handled well enough, has good power, has good looks and a very good fuel consumption. The cons are that the chassis of the car is not well built, the interior of the car has several defects and the driver seat is not designed well.

2008 Honda civic fog light install?

I am wondering the same thing. But I did find this which is really helpful, although it's an 06 I don't think the civic has changed much.

Why is civic princess famous on fantage?

Civic Princess is famous because she had a really high level, although she is not super famous anymore because she quit Fantage and she is not 1st place anymore for the Overall Ranking. PinkStarDust is 1st now.

Difference between civic requirement and civic responsibiliy?

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