Why would the heavier object float?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Why would the heavier object float?
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How does weight factor in when determining buoyancy?

The lighter a certain object is, the more likely it is to float, if the object is heavier, the object will sink.

How does something float?

For a certain thing to float, it depends on the mass, weight and the size, . The lighter and smaller a thing is, the more its likely to float. The heavier an object, the more it is likely to stay on the ground. An object can float(or sink) in water, or even in the sky.

If the density of an object is 1 then will that object sink or float?

The object would float in the middle if it was in water.

Does an object's ability to float depend on its density?

Yes, it does depend on the object's density; it depends on the liquid's density, too. An object with a lower density than the liquid it is in will float, while an object with a heavier density than the liquid will sink.

What would cause and object to float on fluid?

An object would float on a fluid if the density of the object was less than the density of the fluid.

Why does float exist and what effect would electronic funds transfer systems have on float?

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Why can object heavier than water float in water?

Because the object's weight pushes down on the water itself.That's why if you put in a large object inside,the water pushes itself out.

What is the effect of density on the ability an object has to float?

Density is defined as the mass per unit volume of an object. When the density of an object is high, it is heavier per unit volume. Thus when the density of an object is greater than that of water, it will sink in water. Conversely, when it is lower than that of water, it will float on water.

When an object float what does the object have?

when a object float it has density

Would an object be heavier or lighter on the Sun?

The object is actually lighter on the Sun

Would an object that is 3.7 Cm3 float in water?

That depends on the object's density, not just on its volume. For example, the object you mention would float if it has a mass of less than about 3.7 gramms.

Would a object with the density of 3.8 float?

There is no answer to this question as the 3.8 has no units and there is no mention of what the object would be in.