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Could need a thorough cleaning, recoil spring might be worn or it might do better with a different brand of ammunition. The first thing I would do is take the magazine completely apart and swab out the tubes with a bore brush and WD40 or Kroil to take out all the crud. Make sure you get right up into the receiver. It may be that the 'follower' is snagging on fowling and not pushing that last round all the way into position. Also, the spring in the magazine may have gotten weak, this can happen if you or the previous owners leaves the gun loaded all the time. Try stretching the spring out. You'll have to take the "wand" apart and this would only be a temporary fix, but the spring is pretty cheap and easy to fix and this would tell you right away if that was the problem. While you've got it apart, check the follower, (the cap on the spring that pushes the rounds up the tube.) It might be worn out or damaged and cause the last round to enter the breech at the wrong angle. I doubt it's the recoil spring. Your feed problems wouldn't be with just the last round in the magazine if it was. The same with the 'lifter' and the guides. They can wear out, but the problem wouldn't be limited to the last round. Good luck and be safe.

2008-09-25 22:49:41
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