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Bad turn signal flasher.

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Q: Why would the left and right turn signal lights stay lit?
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Is it possible to have two sets of indicators on a vehicle so that one or the other is flashing?

Yes, that would be your signal lights, the left set for left turns and the right set for right turns.

When i operate turn signal switch it doesn't flash lights to the left or right but the emergency switch turn flashing lights on.?

Replace the turn signal flasher relay.

Why would the hazard lights and left signal in a 2000 Pontiac Montana not work when the headlight switch is on?

Check the left turn signal bulb. It is probably burnt out.

How do you fix a turn signal when the right signal works and the left signal turns on the hazard lights on an 03 silverado?

Its the turning signal/flasher module, left side of dash behind the fuse box. Its a dealer part only about 98.00

Why would dash lights flash when turning on left signal indicator?

You may have a "ground loop" problem on the left turn signal. Check the ground wire at the front and rear signal bulbs.

Why would right turn signal and hazard lights work but not the left turn signal-left lights work when hazard lights are on Installed new turn signal switch still no change.?

Depending on what type of vehicle it is, it could be the combination flasher relay. 2000 Dodge Caravan, same problem. Replaced DRL/Flasher Relay, problem fixed. Was an expensive dealer only relay...

How to fix boat trailer lights Both blink while left turn signal is on Tail lights work ok when head lights are on and when right turn signal is on?

Check ground circuit Check bulbs they are duble filamented one may be burned out Seems to me there is a wire crossed at the harness. I think the vehicle left turn signal wire is hooked up to the trailer tail lights wire. Usually there are four wires at the trailer harness, yellow, green, white, and brown, The brown wire is usually the tail lights and side marker lights, the white wire is ground, the yellow and green go to the left and right signal lights.

How do you replace the turn signal bulbs on a 1997 Dodge Ram?

my left turn signal on my 1997 dodge conversion van works fine,the right signal lights but does not blink,,,,any ideas

Why do the left signal lights not flash on your GMC Sonoma?

If the right one works,it might be a bad bulb or a bad ground.

What would cause your left turn signal and right running lights to not work on a 2004 GMC Jimmy?

Our 04 Envoy had a recall on turn signals and tail-lights, they just had to replace a relay. I would check with your dealer to see if your vehicle has been recalled.

On a 1989 Chevy Corsica all the lights flash for hazards so why would the left turn signal go steady-on while the right turn signal flashes lights normally?

It turns out the problem was that a couple of bulbs on the left side were burned out (front left turn signal, one of the rear turn signal/brake light bulbs.) After replacing the rear bulbs, the signal would work, albeit slowly. Once I pulled the front left turn bulb (with the intent of replacing it the next day), the turn signal light went steady-on regardless even without moving the signal indicator arm. That problem also went away when the remaining bad bulb was replaced.

What would cause the right signal lights to come on when turning on the left in a 2001 ford explorer sport track?

Either the driver is indication the wrong way or the wiring to the indicators is crossed.

How do you fix a turn signal when the hazard lights blink left turn signal blinks but when using right turn signal it just stays on on a Dodge Dakota?

Sounds like you simply have A burned out bulb, Turn the signal on and look at all the lights to see if any are burned out. Could be A marker light if its in the turn signal circuit.

How do you fix a turn signal when the hazard lights blink left turn signal blinks but when using right turn signal it just stays on a 1986 mercury Grand Marquis?

AnswerPossible a bad turn signal flasherYou more than likely have a blown bulb. if the flasher was bad the left side indicator on the dash would not blink. do a quick inspection around the car with the left side on and then the right, you will notice which bulb is blown.Hope this helps."85MGM"

Why is it 1997 f-150 hazard lights and left signal light work but right signal light clicks really fast?

Sounds like a blown bulb somewhere on the righthand signal side.

Do you have a Fuse diagram for the Ford Explorer 2003 What can cause the Left and Right signal lights to not work What is the cause for the side mirrors not to work on the 2003 Explorer?

I was wondering is there a fuse diagram for the 2003 Ford Explorer XLT? What causes the left and right signal lights to not work on the 2003 Ford Explorer XLT? Can the side mirrors on the 2003 Ford Explorer XLT?

Brake lights don't work with headlights on only right side brake lights partially with headlights off Right turn signal in rear works always left turn signal flashes quickly always Any advice?

You have some problems with electrical connections. Most likely the ground wire of the tail lights. Also, the left light may be burned out or have a POSITIVE wire connection problem.

Why would left turn signal on Saturn work but the right signal does not work?

Because the signal system is interconnected.Install new bulbs on the left side -including the front side...I realizethey work. You will be surprised.

How do you wire a brake and turn signal light up to your car its an aftermarket one but it only has 4 wires black red yellow blue?

i have conected the black and red wire to the brake and it works (the brake light that is) and i conected the blue and white to the signal lights each wire being left and right signal and it all works. but when i brake all of the light lights up the red bar for the brake and the orage bars left and right when i signal left or right whiles braking the signal works but the other signal light sticks on with the brake light. so if any one as any idears please let me know thanks

Where is the fuse for hazard and signal lights located on Nissan Serena?

The fuse for hazard and signal lights on the Nissan Serena is in the fuse box, bottom row. The flasher fuse for hazard and signal lights is located in the dash just to the left of the radio.

Signal arrow on left indicator flashes rapidly bulbs ok on holden barina 2005 lights not working?

Turn left indicator signal flashes rapidly when I use indicator, bulbs ok, no lights working

Why does the left signal light work and the right side does not on your 1995 Chevy cavalier what do you need to do you have all ready changed the fuss but that did not do anything your lights work?

Perhaps one of the bulbs on that side of the car is out would be my guess.

Do you turn the turning signal up or down if your turning left?

You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right. You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right.

07 ford f150 left turn signal is extremely faster than right All lights work except left rear turn signal?

Replacing the non-working bulb for left turn should resolve the problem and it will stop the cops from pulling you over too.

Brake on passenger work not passenger when you brake when turning signal lights are used either left or right it works..just when driving and braking left side not working?

I'm guessing you're talking about your turn signal light. From what you wrote I think I'd have to say it sounds like a bad turn signal switch. The brake lights run through the turn signal switch on mostly all vehicles.