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Why would the transmission be stuck in forth gear?


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Most likely the shifter bushings are worn making it bind

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your transmission is out. your transmission is out.

Several things can cause your transmission to be stuck in second gear. Broken or detached shifting linkage will cause the problem. A broken shifting for in the transmission can also cause the problem.

The automatic Toyota may be stuck in park because of transmission problems. The transmission may be jammed or stuck in that gear.

my automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. how do you get it into gear

If its a older trans sometimes the vacuum hose comes off the trans solienoid.

To repair a transmission that is stuck in gear on a 1989 Ford Escort 1.9L CFI, it will be necessary to drop the transmission out of the vehicle. It will probably have to be overhauled by replacing a belt or fixing the linkage, that is causing it to be stuck in gear.

If the vehicle is stuck in a gear then the shift censor is out. The other reason could be that the linkage on the transmission is broken.

If a 1993 Land Rover Discovery is stuck in a low ratio gear, check the transmission fluid levels. If the fluid levels check out okay, the transmission may be experiencing a jammed gear.

If you have not done so, change the transmission filter and fluid; I would also flush the transmission.

The transmission computer defaults to second gear when it detects a malfunction and sets a code. You need to have the system checked with a scan tool to know possible causes.

If a transmission for a car becomes stuck between 1st and 2nd gear the fluid should be changed. Old fluid in a transmission can cause hard shifting and stuck gears.

Bad synchronizer. Internal transmission repair required to fix.

check your shifter bushings, next would be inside the trans at the shift collar.

a 92 Ford Ranger stuck in 4th gear can be caused by several things. Low fluid, stopped filter, broken vacuum line or a stuck transmission valve can all be the cause.

Switch on the side of the transmission was bad. Possible output speed sensor, it is on the left side of the transmission towards the rear. Two wires in the connecter.

That would be the second gear of your automatic transmission.

yup had the same problem never knew what broke in the tranny

well you might need to add more transmission fluid you might even have to drain your intire transmission of the fluid it has now and put more in the transmission.

That low gear is used anytime that breaking traction would be a bad thing. Like towing something that is stuck in mud or snow.

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