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You need to get a manual on you r car if you want to work on the ignition on this car.

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What is code P0200?

P0200 Injector Circuit Malfunction Check the connections to each injector first. Then check voltage to each injector.

What is a saturated fuel injector?

A saturated fuel injector is also known as a High Impedance (or High z) fuel injector. The high z injector has a larger ohm draw through the coil (12v-15v) vs. a peak-hold (Low Impedance, Low z) injector, which is 2v-4v. Another difference is the how the injector uses the voltage to open the injector. A high z injector uses the full voltage to open and hold open the injector, therefore it voltage saturated. A low z injector (peak-hold) has a peak of high voltage to open then injector then uses a lower voltage to keep the injector open for the remainder of it's cycle. What this means to you, the low z injectors typically needs a resistor in line to add the necessary resistance to properly drive the system, otherwise the injectors could overheat to fatigue. A high z injector does not need a resistor.

What are the uses of solenoids?

Solenoids are coils of wire that create a magnetic field when an electric current passes through it. These are used in the alternator of a car to create electricity. Solenoids are also used in generators to create electricity in power stations and in transformers to change the voltage of an AC current.

How do you change a voltage regulator in a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

To change the voltage regulator on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird, first you will need to disconnect the battery cables. Then, remove the bolts holding the regulator to the frame of the vehicle and the wires connecting it.

What causes Fuel injector failure 2001 grand am?

voltage spike, bad computer, dirt/grit in fuel line plugging injector,

What is the fuel injector solenoid energized by?

Fuel injector is energize by signal composed of pulsed voltage frequency increases as with rpm set by pcm

Location of a Voltage regulator 1996 Thunderbird?

Bolted to the alternator refered to as an internal regulator

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1977 thunderbird?

Top of the passenger fender well. Silver box about 4x5 inches.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?

The regulator for the 1997 Ford Thunderbird is bolted on the back of the alternator. While the regulator can be changed separately it is more commonly changed along with the alternator.

What is the line voltage between two lines?

the voltage between 1 line & phase =120v The voltage between 2 line =240

What is difference between voltage and voltage drop?

voltage drop means the voltage difference.

Where is the voltage regulator for the instrument panel in a 1990 thunderbird?

Do you mean rheostat for brightness control of dash lights? Usually in the dimmer control switch Voltage regulator for engine operation--inside the alternator

What is the difference between a voltage converter and a voltage regulator?

the difference between a voltage converter to a voltage regulator,is that a voltage converter,converts or changing the desired voltage to be used while the voltage regulator,regulates the input of the voltage amount not to excess to its inputs.

What voltage is line voltage?

Line voltage (line-to-line voltage) in a polyphase system is the voltage between two given phases.The potentail difference between the line and nuetral ...230 volts.Between lines is 415 volts

What are the difference between high voltage and low voltage?

The difference between high voltage and low voltage is that it affects the current passing through a given conductor.

What is relation between voltage and conductors?

Your question is unclear. But, if you are asking what the relationship between voltage and the distance between conductors is, then the higher the voltage, the greater the distance must be.

What is voltage between earth and line?

Approximately the same as the voltage between line and neutral.

Have 2000 Durango am getting code PO207 Switched injector 7 and 1 still get code PO207 What next?

Are you sure you are changing injector #7? Should be the injector closest to the firewall on the drivers side. If you are changing the correct injector, and the code remains, the problem is with the wiring from the injector to the pcm (computer) or the computer itself. You can check for correct battery voltage at the injector with a volt/ohm meter (how does the connector look at the injector?). This year of Durango/Dakota had trouble with computers too, although I have not heard of specific injector trouble being caused by the computer. Most likely a wiring problem. It may even be the TPS

What is the difference between voltage forward voltage and voltage drop?

Voltage is the potential difference between the source & any point in the circuit. The forward voltage is the voltage drop across the diode if the voltage at the anode is more positive than the voltage at the cathode (if you connect + to the anode). Voltage drop means, amount of voltage by which voltage across load resistor is less then the source voltage.

What is terminal voltage of generator?

Terminal voltage is the voltage between the output terminals of a generator.

What is the connection between current and voltage?

the connection between voltage and current is that they are both powerful forces!

What are line voltage and phase voltage?

The voltage in the middle of line and impartial is known as the stage voltage. where the voltage between two lines called the line voltage.

What is difference between retarding voltage and a voltage?

A retarding voltage is what causes the electronic to shut down.

How do you calculate the voltage between a phase and ground?

There is no such thing as a 'phase-to-phase' voltage. The correct term is 'line-to-line' voltage or 'line voltage'. For a star (wye) connected system, the line voltage is 1.732 times the phase voltage, where the phase voltage is measured between any line and neutral.

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