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only one phase is being supplied problem might be outside with the meter try pushing in on the meter if a contact is made than install a new meter base and meter.

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Q: Why would you be getting electricity to just part of your house if all the breakers are on?
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What would cause half of your electricity to go off in your home when you turned on a light switch and the fuse did not blow?

Not sure but just reset your breakers

What might happen if circuit breakers or fuses were not installed in a circuit in a house?

The house would most likely burn down whenever a power surge hit.

Would the electricity needed to heat a house come from a generator or a dry cell?

a generator would prodution the heat to a house.

Why are you getting current from your car on touching after coming out?

That would be static electricity.

Where is the circuit breaker in a garage?

If your circuit breakers are in the garage, they would be in a electrical panel (a metal box mounted on a (usually) outside wall, with the electric meter on the outside. The circuit breakers can be either just below the meter on the outside on opposite it inside the garage. It would usually be very close to where the electric connection to the house is. The electrical panel and breakers are not necessarily in the garage.

What would cause half your house to lose electric and the breaker not go off?

If all of the breakers are on one side, then you have lost one leg of the power coming into the house. Probably between the house and the nearest transformer.

How do you use power in a sentence involving electricity?

I lost all power in my house during the thunderstorm. The power went out at 7 a.m. and was not restored until midnight. I had power to half of my house, so the electric company advised me to check the fuses or breakers. The power cord would not fit into the electrical outlet so I needed an adapter for the plug.

A 120 V general-purpose house circuit should have circuit breakers or fuses with values of?

I would say 15A - 20A

What cause other than circuit breakers would result in electricity failure?

loose neutral, bad main connection, depends on the exact situation could be a bad transformer

How would a repo agent be able to disable your garage door opener?

One of the easiest things to do would be to tamper with the circuit breakers which are usually in an accessible area on the exterior of the house

What are electric fuzes?

In most places fuzes have now been replaced by circuit breakers. They prevent circuits from becoming overloaded and starting fires. With modern circuit breakers, you just have to flip the switch to turn the electricity back on. Old fuses were like the base of a light bulb, and a filiment would burn out if it was overloaded. Back then, you had to replace a blown fuze with a new one to restore electricity.

What should you do if your best friend is getting abused?

I would suggest getting her out of that house immediatly.

What will happen to a fuse if there is an overflow of electricity?

The overflowed circuit would cause the fuse to burn and thus break the flow of electricity to the house. This is a safety measure by which the flow of electricity is topped when the energy is higher than what the normal household appliances can handle. Traditional fuses burn out and cant be re-used ( the wire inside really burns). Modern circuit breakers just flip the switch to off if more than sufficient current flows in. Once deemed safe, we can flip the breaker to On and resume the electricity flow.

How are quad circuit breakers used?

This would typically be seen in older residential installations where the service was of such a high amperage that the mains required larger breakers than were available (for that panel). Placing two breakers in parallel allowing sharing of the load. Two breakers per (split) phase would total four breakers. Two breakers of 50 amp rating each (in parallel) provide (generally) 100 amps of protection. Two sets of two would provide mains protection for a 200 amp service.

What is the difference between the electricity in your house and that in your car?

House electricity is alternating current whereas cars use direct current. Although there are examples of AC in cars because of tranformers, doides and alternators. A course in electricity would be a help to understand this. Hybrid cars are another subject altogether.

Can you sell your house with judgments on your credit report?

Sure; the problem in such a case would be getting a mortgage to buy a house, not selling a house.

Why is hvac not cooling house?

First question would be did it ever work ok. If not it could be undersized or a repair is needed. Fuses, circuit breakers? Coils clean and filters clean?

Electrician said that he would add 2 new circuits so that the breakers wouldn't trip. How do I know he actually did that if there wasn't any new circuit breakers installed in the panel?

He may have installed Tandem breakers. Tandem breakers allow you to fit 2 breakers into one standard breaker slot. They are slimmer in design to allow for this.

Want to test my circuit breakers to see which is using the most voltage?

If your panel and breakers are connected properly the voltage accross the "double pole" breakers should be 215 - 230 Volts AC (alternating current) The voltage accross the "single pole" breakers should be 105 - 130 Volts AC. All of the breakers should have the same voltage. If I understand your question you probably want to know how much electricity is being used on the different circuits in your house. The amount of electricity being used at a specific voltage is measured in Amperes or Amps (A) You would need to use a "clamp on" ammeter. They are relatively inexpensive. (probably between $75 and $500. follow the instructions that come with the meter but you would have to remove the cover at your main panel and clamp the meter around individual wires coming from each breaker. Remember the amount of amperage measured will depend on what devices are connected and running. For example: if you clamped on the circuit for your fridge it would read almost zero amps if the compressor was not running to cool the fridge. Measuring the "LOAD" or amount of power used on each circuit should probably be done by a qualified electrician.

Can you use mini breakers instead of regular breakers?

Yes, but only use them if absolutely necessary and I would never install more than one set of min-breakers in a service panel. Otherwise you can overload the panel.

Would a circuit breaker open if there is too much electricity in the circuit?

'Electricity' is not a quanitity, so you cannot have 'too much' or 'too little' electricity! On the other hand, if a load draws too much current, then it may cause a circuit breaker to open. Circuit breakers are 'overcurrent' protection devices, which will operate in the event of an overload current or a short-circuit current.

How much does it coast to paint walls?

It depends how much you are getting if you are getting your whole house painted I would say 3300$

What would happen if circuit breakers were not installed?

I am guessing when i say this because I am judging from the name circuit breakers. I think the electricity would over load thus causing it to blow up. A circuit breaker is nothing more than a re-settable fuse. If they are not installed in a circuit then any overload will result in heat being generated above the capacity of the circuit. This will result in damage to components or in the worse case, a fire.

Has food got electricity in it?

No why would it have electricity in it . If it did we would be shocked when we ate it!

Why would 2 house outlets and the garage be without power yet no breakers are tripped and how do you fix it?

It's probably a bad connection inside one of the outlet boxes or possibly a tripped GFI.