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Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy called leukorrhea is thin, white, milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about, but don't douche or use a tampon if it's thick enough to bother you.

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Q: Why would you get a milky discharge while pregnant?
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I had a milky substance vaginal discharge. What does it mean while i am 22wks pregnant?

Your mucus plug might of broke, I would talk to your ob/gyn

Why is a milky dishcharge coming out of your one nipple?

If you are a female and you are noticing a "milky" discharge leaking from your nipple, logic would infer that it is milk. This would be the case if you are pregnant, have recently had a child, or have recently been pregnant (possibly miscarried). If none of these are the case, you should see your doctor.

Can a milky like discharge and cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Milky discharge from your vagina? Probably not, that is usually a sign of ovulation. You should be getting your period soon after. Milky discharge from your breasts, possibly. If you are unsure, go see your doctor or take a home pregnancy test. No. It is possible to be pregnant. Cramping is usually an early sign of implantation and the white milky discharge can also be a sign. I would advise you to take a HPT or go to your doctor to be tested. That's the only way to be sure.

What will you feel if you felt inside your vagina while pregnant?

Vaginal wall, cervix, discharge. Pretty much the same as you would when you're not pregnant.

Do you discharge when pregnant?

If it is white, clumpy, cottage cheese like discharge then you have a yeast infection that's the only reason you would discharge when pregnant.

What is the White milky stuff females produce?

Do you mean in the vagina?That would be a discharge =/

You had your period 2 weeks ago but now you feel loer abdominal cramping and also milky like discharge are you pregnant?

I would think you are going into the ovulation phase of your cycle, with the discharge being the first sign of fertile mucus. The discharge will increase, then become clearer and stretchy like egg white - at this point you are most fertile. The lower abdominal pain could be ovulation pain which can be a dull ache.

Could a woman be pregnant if she has a watery discharge coming from the vagina and she hasn't had a period?

I would say the discharge is from ovulating. A clear discharge is common when a woman ovulates.

Is white discharge normal while pregnant?

Yes. When you are pregnant your hormones go up and more than you think would happen. When and if it turns yellow or greenish, itchy or smelly,you should see your doctor because you might have an infection

Could you be pregnant if you are over a month late and have had raw egg white discharge for over 2 weeks?

You may be pregnant, so I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test. Another possibility is that the raw egg discharge is ovulation discharge.

Could a somewhat thick milky white discharge be a symptom of pregnancy when the discharge isn't foul?

Some women have a harmless, physiologic (normal) discharge early in pregnancy. At the point when you'd expect to notice this, your pregnancy test would be positive.

Would discharge change in colour if you were pregnant?

It can do, but this should not be taken as an indication of pregnancy.

Why am i gettin pain and spotting brown discharge while pregnant?

It is normal at the beginning of a pregnancy to have discharge. Don't be too alarmed unless it has been going on constantly. I would suggest if it continues to go in to the doctor. There is the sad possibility of a miscarriage but I'm no doctor so get it checked out.

What does it milky white watery discharge with an odor means?

You should see your doctor it could be a yeast infection. Its normal for women to have discharge it means you are ovulating. Note: If you have a yeast infection your discharge does not have an odor. Nor would there be an odor when ovulating. If there is an odor it could be bacterial vaginosis or an std

What does it mean to be late for your period and have clear discharge?

This could quite possibly mean that you are pregnant as clear discharge is a sign of the mucus plus forming therefor when you get pregnant sometimes you get the discharge of the excess. I would say try taking a pregnancy test to make sure and if that is not it then you should see the doctor to find out what the discharge could be.

Would it take more time or less time for the lime water to turn milky while sleeping?

Sleeping would have no effect on the time it would take for lime water to turn milky.

Is eating tissue paper harmful while pregnant?

why would anyone eat tissue paper? i would say dont eat it while pregnant or not pregnant.

Is it normal to have your full period when pregnant?

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have yellowish discharge?

It depends at what point in your cycle the yellow discharge appeared and the consistancy of it. If you are at the end of your cycle but had unprotected sex approx 14 days before your period was due then yes you may be pregnant and a test would be suggested. However, if you had unprotected sex around the same time you noticed the yellow discharge then it is unlikely that you would conceive. The discharge produced at the time of ovulation is clear and you should be able to stretch it between your thumb and forefinger (as gross as that sounds!).

How would you know if a hamster is pregnant?

It is very agressive and some days after the breeding there will be a thick white discharge from eyes.

Can you run a temperature while pregnant?

Yes. You can have the same illness you would if you were not pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have sore breasts on and off and a lot of discharge and you're tired and have cravings and stomach and belly button cramps for 5 weeks but got your period 3 weeks ago?

A very few women have periods while pregnant, or have an implantation bleed around the time the period would come. If you have been having unprotected sex you may be pregnant, take a test.

Is it possible to be pregnant and get your period after sex while being on your period?

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

Is crystal light safe while pregnant?

I would avoid anything with artificial sweeteners while pregnant or nursing.

Can you have anal while pregnant?

yes you can have sexual intercourse while pregnant so anal sex would be ok just becarefull