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Why would you have raised skin on your inner thigh in the form of a circle and it itches?

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Sounds to me like you have ring worm! Ringworm is a contagious fungus infection that can affect the scalp, the body (particularly the groin), the feet, and the nails. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with worms. The name comes from the characteristic red ring that can appear on an infected person's skin. Ringworm is also called Tinea. Ringworm is caused by several different fungus organisms that all belong to a group called "Dermatophytes." A health-care provider can diagnose Ringworm by examining the site of infection with special tests. Ringworm is spread by either direct or indirect contact. People can get Ringworm by direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or pet. People can also get Ringworm indirectly by contact with objects or surfaces that an infected person or pet has touched, such as hats, combs, brushes, bed linens, stuffed animals, telephones, gym mats, and shower stalls. In rare cases Ringworm can be spread by contact with soil. Ringworm of the scalp usually begins as a small pimple that becomes larger, leaving scaly patches of temporary baldness. Infected hairs become brittle and break off easily. Yellowish crusty areas sometimes develop. Ringworm of the body shows up as a flat, round patch anywhere on the skin except for the scalp and feet. The groin is a common area of infection (groin Ringworm). As the rash gradually expands, its center clears to produce a ring. More than one patch might appear, and the patches can overlap. The area is sometimes itchy. Ringworm of the foot is also called athlete's foot. It appears as a scaling or cracking of the skin, especially between the toes. Ringworm of the nails causes the affected nails to become thicker, discolored, and brittle, or to become chalky and disintegrate. Ringworm can be treated with fungus-killing medicine. The medicine can be in taken in tablet or liquid form by mouth or as a cream applied directly to the affected area. Infected persons should follow these steps to keep the infection from spreading: Complete treatment as instructed, even after symptoms disappear. Do not share towels, hats, clothing, or other personal items with others. Minimize close contact with others until treated. Make sure the person or animal that was the source of infection gets treated. Sounds like a rash.

2006-08-30 03:05:40
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What do you think is a dry inner thigh rash that itches?

This is the time of the year for allergies. You may be experiencing excema. If it is in a shape of a circle then it may be wing worms.

Raised red patch on your inner thigh what could it be?

A raised red patch on you thigh could be a mark from hitting your thigh. If you haven't hit your thigh, it can be an indicator of an allergy.

What does it means if your vagina itches really bad and you have a weird pimple looking rash on your inner thigh.?

Try washing it. >.>

What is a cluster if blisters the diameter is quarter sized located on the inner thigh that itches and feels bruised?

There are many conditions that could cause a cluster of blisters on the inner thigh. it is best to get it checked out by a physician. It may be poison ivy or an allergy.

Weird rash which itches when I scratch it it becomes white. It is on the inner thigh what can I do to get rid of it?

You have to rub your rash with white chocolate and then rub it hard with lotion. It DOES really work.

Does herpes occur on the inner thigh?

Yes, herpes can occur on the inner thigh.

How do you burn love handle fat and inner thigh fat?

I used an ab circle pro machine for love handles and inner thigh fat. I dieted too and because of that I have lost ten pounds and my stomach is flatter.

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What do you call the part of the thigh that is below the inner thigh and above the knee?

If it is below the inner thigh, it has to be the lower leg and if about the knee is the thigh, itself. There is no name for what you described.

Is it possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh?

Yes it is possible to have a herpes sore on you inner thigh.

Is there an inner thigh bleach cream to lighten your skin?

Yes there is inner thigh bleach cream that can be used to lighten your skin. One brand of inner thigh bleach cream is Whitening Essence.

Where is the vastus medialis?

inner thigh

How do you pull your groin?

is a pull of the inner thigh.

What muscle is positioned on the inner thigh?


What are some recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh?

There are many recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh. These exercises include squats, leg lifts, ballet raise, standing thigh press and cross-stepping.

How do you treat a rash with bad smell near scrotum and inner thigh?

I don't know but one begs to know how the heck you smelled your scrotum and inner thigh.

Can shingles appear on your inner thighs?

Yes, I was diagnosed with shingles that appeared on my inner thigh.

Who can tell me how to do inner thigh workout every day?

For inner thigh workout, you could try plea squats. Other alternatives include skipping. For inner thigh workout, only specific exercises such as cardio or aerobic exercises, weight training and proper diet helps.

How do you prevent inner thigh sweat?

Certain dri

Where is the semitendinosus muscle located?

inner back of the thigh

Is touching the inner thigh sexual contact?


What do you do for inner thigh pain?

take a pain reliever

What causes a rash by your testicles and inner thigh?


What can cause the skin to peel from around the scrotum and inner thigh?

Dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and yeasts infections can cause the skin to peel in the areas of the scrotum and inner thigh.

What is a bump on your upper inner thigh?

it is generally an ingrown hair.